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The stand probably isnt hooked up right the things should cross and insert on the opposite leg i had this problem for awhile and i crossed them up and its fine now
i'd buy it from a reputable dealer instead http://www.globalgolf.com/product/go.../g15.aspx?gd=3 499 stiff they're used but they're pings.... they're bulletproof
I started my hiatus 2 weeks ago too many up and downs... gonna get some shoulder/back injuries grastonned out to start strong next season
anyone worried about hitting a frozen golf ball with their driver?
they're actually pretty good putters
wait so the draw / overdraw i it with my irons is actually a slice?
I feel like buying an old ping driver to match my set anyone know where i can get a G2 G5 or old rapture for pretty cheap?
coudl take videos and just work on your swing *shrug*
wow... starting slightly open feels and performs a lot better... weird
I like vokeys, i dont play them but i would agree that them being unified as the best wedge is a a bit much. All the premium wedges perform pretty well these days and itll come down to the person to choose what they like most.
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