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weird, i dunno I had the problem then my buddy was like dude mine are crossed so i did it too and it works perfect now i dunno?
I dont think its a big gap but right now its a really easy pw or a stretched out 56. Right now i open my 56 and hit a low bounce bounce stop that works out really nice, but sometimes if i could just casually get it in the air with a 60 and have it come down straight that would be nice too.
So i'm trying to decide if i should get a 52 and 60 right now since they're pretty cheap on RBG. Are they all that useful or is gauging distance with a 56 fine?
yeah it pissed me off at first but i just crossed the stands to the other side and now it works perfectly.
So i was starting to get really burn out, had some shanks, had some other issues that was just making me feel tight throughout my entire swing I went and saw a chiropractor about my shoulders, specifically upper traps and rhomboids. Anyways he did a few adjustments and a TON of soft tissue stuff / deep tissue massage via graston. The results are great though, i'm striking it pretty pure again with a really high consistency. What's next is left shoulder flexibility so i...
arent they just standard from the factory Golftown basically = golfsmith But they use launch monitor fitting even less lol
THey hook in on the outside and like wrap around so the left one goes into the right slot on the outside teh right one goes into the left leg on the outside. ya there are better bags in terms of straps now but its a pretty solid bag
they could mine definitely dont hang down they used to when the stupid stand thingies were in the wrong slots... not sure who did that
The stand probably isnt hooked up right the things should cross and insert on the opposite leg i had this problem for awhile and i crossed them up and its fine now
i'd buy it from a reputable dealer instead http://www.globalgolf.com/product/go.../g15.aspx?gd=3 499 stiff they're used but they're pings.... they're bulletproof
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