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I started my hiatus 2 weeks ago too many up and downs... gonna get some shoulder/back injuries grastonned out to start strong next season
anyone worried about hitting a frozen golf ball with their driver?
they're actually pretty good putters
wait so the draw / overdraw i it with my irons is actually a slice?
I feel like buying an old ping driver to match my set anyone know where i can get a G2 G5 or old rapture for pretty cheap?
coudl take videos and just work on your swing *shrug*
wow... starting slightly open feels and performs a lot better... weird
I like vokeys, i dont play them but i would agree that them being unified as the best wedge is a a bit much. All the premium wedges perform pretty well these days and itll come down to the person to choose what they like most.
Dude university isnt as busy as some people say it is Just stay on the ball and you'll always find time to do what you want to do. i'm in professional school and if i dont get out and do what i want to do on weekends i'd go crazy and kill myself
No better than any other premium wedge out there its more about fit to your style these days. Like i dont like clevelands at all but i like most other wedges actually, its too bad nickent went out of business because they started to make some really nice wedges
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