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They were precept Iqs really really good ball
Some of those precept ladies balls are really really nice
I like the prolaunch red i put in its not an axis but i still like it,
get the one with the ferrule ends up being more flush and stuff or appears that way
hmm ill work with it a bit
Did you say "that was so much easier than putting i should try to do that everytime?
are you guys hitting slight drwas with the open face or do you do it to hit a straight ball? I've started overdrawing my shots so i'm wondering
Yeah the strong grip thing to fix a slice is a bandaid fix
Ya know it just kind of goes away at the beginning of the season i was always worried about hitting it fat. then i just went to the range and if i hit it fat i'll be like where the •••• did that come from Just keep goin, basically you want to stop all lateral movement of your hips , upper body is ok but hips is kind of a no no onto your back foot Once oyu start really turning properly hitting it fat becomes a thing of the past. Eventually something will click and you'll be...
WHen was your last lesson? thats a weird thing to worry about its usually far or thin... i'd just keep practicing, find a range to goto and play al ot it'll come. i was a 20ish at the start of the season and i'm at where i am now but i also put in like 50-100 rounds. And it just sort of clicks when you figure out every aspect of your swing. Like i just had shanks 2 days ago and realized what it was now i'll never get it from that again
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