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do you worry if you're gonna fat or thin the ball at all? if you do that'll just disappear with playing more. make sure you're swinging easy and just swing the same way the whole day I dunno i try to spend little time at address because my lower back muscles start to get tight by the end of the day if i do that
Flips show on mats The fat shots dont show as much, a fat shot you may only lose like 10 yards but if you're honest with yourself it shouldnt be that big of a problem I think the most important thing to do is warm up and hit the ball the same way the whole day if you start trying to fix things on the course that's when you start duffing, going ob etc etc
yeah it seemed good in theory but they kind of feel like weird sweat pants?
Anyone have a pair of "golf golf" pants i saw the i think they were clima cool ones at the outlet the other day for 20 bucks i didnt have time to try them on and buy them does anyone have these? i think they have lycra in them i was just wondering if they actually keep you cool on a hot day and comfy to wear i hate clammy long pants
ya i think it was my setup i was just too far onto the toes of my feet annoying how i coudlnt figure that out yesterday and how it all of a sudden started happening
but now i would have to decide to get tp black or red
yeah i think i was just leaning too far over started like halfway through a 100 ball bucket i ended hitting like 25 bump and run type shots to end it
*grumble* hozel hozel hozel hozel hozel grrrrrrrrrr
they redesigned them in 2009 so who knows?
I'd buy a ping G series and keep them until i'd switch to some sort of forged club Cause the Pings will last 30-50 years and they're really solid irons forever
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