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Mainly the height, i can never find a tee that tees it up how i like it where as on the course i just tee it up the same way and hit whatever i'm hitting in my warmup session the entire day. But at the range i cant seem to replicate stuff.... maybe its just in my head i dunno
Does anyone feel the consistency at the range with rubber tees to be less than teed up ball on real grass? Is it just in my head and i just blow or does it feel better off a real tee?
i love the yellows but i score better wit ha middle ball because on my mishit picks i lose some distance and i need that release to get me to the ball and when i hit a middle of the pack ball like an NXT tour or something its gonna check pretty decently when i hit it pure anyways But then again i putt better with premium balls
So i'm broke as i'm goin to professional school now so i'm trying to decide on a 100 ball bucket to buy to last me the next like 2 years probably i just cant decide on what to get its either like AAA one tour Ds, TP black ldps, Reds Briggies or a 50 ball bucket of AAAA NXT tours for 25 bucks any suggestions?
ya exactly that's why i'm gonna go but was just wondering is all
So its pissing rain out right now but i want to goto the range will it affect distances to a decent degree?
got it spined and installed i like it... groupings are MUCH MUCH tigher i have this slight feeling it might be a bit stiff now? but we'll see i dont think it is i just gotta get used to it and i'm a bit tired from hiking today but i definitely know where the ball is goin now
putter head with a driver shaft
WOWi dont know what to say about thisHonestly though the movie seems too stupid to be real.
30ish? 8 courses
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