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he said 20 then like 5 for a grip which is the same as golfsmith •••• it i have free time i'm gonnan go do it so its not on my mind anymore i just want the stock shaft out for good!
yeah i figure people have gotten to scratch and + without spining it can't be 'that' important yet
well is it worth it for a 12-14 cap person to drive 1 hour both ways possibly twice to get his driver spined?
but i guess it's not essential to getting good at golf?
the theory of it makes sense to me but practiclaly is a whole different thing. basically its drive an hour get it installed at golfsmith or drive 45 minutes to an hour get it aligned and installed by a master clubbuilder bob something who keeps winning club builder of the year
yeah, well the installation isnt anymore than a golfsmith installation and somoene told me to goto this guy i was just wondering if it was worth the drive is all. Some say it might be worth it some say not at all. I might in theory it makes sense, but applicably on a swing.... that'll remain to be proven. I guess it depends on the shaft and how much of a "spine" there really is on it
So i was gonna get my driver shaft today then someone was like hey you should go get it spinally aligned since its the same price Is it acutally gonna make a difference or is it just a ploy?
I think zig hits it 400+ no problem?
i might 1 or 2 more rounds in and the occasional random round in nov/dec but im basically done just the range and greens while i can i'm kind of burnt out from 2-3 rounds a week anyways
http://www.golfsmith.com/products/CL...-_-Button_Link saw this in the morning
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