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Moving your head off the ball to rotate is fine aslong as your not dipping more than a certain point
Why do people call it lower and more boring ball flight? Its all about optimization
Chip putt chip putt chip putt be 200-250 in the fairway layup if you need to chip putt chip putt chip putt
Nah my swing is pretty stable these days I just have to work on chipping/putting this winter my up and down % is pretty low and my putting is pretty shotty
I can tell you that it's very hard to resist trying it out right now he said let it set for a night
If you hit a bad shot just tee up again and expect it
Well it was 20 bucks for the install with this guy or at golf smith but i also got it cut to the length that was right for me and knew it was getting done properly the spine isnt on the logo on the shaft i got, and when its setup you can see/feel it twist maybe its all in our heads but in theory itll make a difference but if i'm gonna pay the same price for install.... why not get it spined so its eliminated from my mind
i just got it done actually i'm happy i did because he knows what he's doin where as the golfsmith people might now and when you feel the spine ... it actually is quite a difference.
he said 20 then like 5 for a grip which is the same as golfsmith •••• it i have free time i'm gonnan go do it so its not on my mind anymore i just want the stock shaft out for good!
yeah i figure people have gotten to scratch and + without spining it can't be 'that' important yet
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