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Yeah my friends said not to buy anything new. They said buy something used and it doesnt matter what, just learn how to hit it and work on your swing as much as possible and it wont really matter.
So if someone is selling them for 200 locally + someother random things (old school answer putters i think) and i need a set of irons i should pick these up and get them fitted?
Are these as good as people rave?
well its just what is availiable for cheap to me right now if i lived in the states i'd buy something off rockbottom golf and go from there but thats not really worth it for me. I'd rather buy something cheap now put the rest to lessons from my friends (instructors) to keep them happy and make a trip to seattle and buy something in the future. Why buy great new irons when my swing blows, and you cat really go wrong when yuo're hitting a shovel the size of my hand lol. ya...
the real qustion right now is Bubble shafts or steel ones?
yeah would x 16s be any good for me?
well what i was really goin fo rwere opinions on burners and x16s the burner bubbles are 70 bucks now
Yeah i dunno bout buying in the states its like 55+ shipping + 13% taxes + 40-100 in duties depending on stuff. I have a driver and 3 cleveland wedges (i've played a lot of pitch and putt in the last couple years) i just need irons... i've been hitting regular flex CGB racs and its messing up my swing ... I hit TA3s last summer i hit burners for like a month so i just want something that is MINE with stiff shafts. Mainly the thing is stiff shafts.
So i'm looking at used sets on some local sites (craigslists/usedvictoria) anyways the stuff in my price range includes Taylor made burners OS + for 100 canadian callaways x16 pro series for 200ish ping i3s for 300ish Yeah i know they wont be properly fit but i just need something to practice with for the moment. i have a friend who can help me learn and adjust angles if it is really needed. I have hit my friends OS burners and thought they felt really nice. My...
Yeah the place i play at the cart prices are more than the twilight green fees
New Posts  All Forums: