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There is no such thing as a "stock" whiteboard. No club comes with a whiteboard of any kind. It is the real deal but has TM graphics. Any time a shaft is custom ordered through Taylormade it has their graphics on it.
I am open to offers.
Pictures have been added.
I have for sale a TM Tour Burner TP 9.5 w. TM Diamana Whiteboard Stiff.   The driver is in good shape with a couple of marks here and there.   I am looking to get $65 shipped.   Pics are available quickly upon request.
PRICE DROP: $65 Just make an offer.
I have a brand new in box Callaway FT-i imix head for sale. It is 10* and neutral. Price is $75 shipped or best offer. PM me for pics or offers.
These irons are in good condition and have been well maintained. PM for pics. $225 Shipped OBO
I'm looking to replace my driver. I really like the control but I dislike the loss of distance compared to my old Hibore XL. I also don't like my 3 wood and would like to have one that is higher lofted and easier to hit. I'm not really sure what to look at but I know i'll have fun finding what I like. lol
I carry or push.
Frankly I don't want to be given anything. If I can make the putt then I will and if I cant then I will miss it and we'll have to stay on the green for a few extra seconds. If someone "gave" me a putt that was more than a literal "tap in" then it would be on my mind for quite a while of whether or not I would have actually made it.
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