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That's Billy Payne. He's the Chairman at Augusta National. He's also the guy who was responsible for bringing the Olympics to Atlanta. The Green Jacket is presented to the winner. Tell me, what other major sporting event has the announcer make the presentation to the champion?
Thanks. Glad to see you guys are on top of this.
The poll needs one more choice "Never"
I got paired with pot smokers once. I thought I was nuts because I could smell it but didn't know where it was coming from. I made them share when we got to the parking lot ;)
There are a couple of ways of handling it. You could pull him aside, away from his wife, and give him some friendly advice. Since you were playing with someone you know, you could correct your partner on some of the things he did wrong. Stop and give your buddy a "look". He turns to the guy and says, "yeah, I shouldn't move while he's getting ready to swing." (Plan it ahead of time.) As far as walking through your line, again, two choices. Stop him and point out your...
He'll be back. That's what he does. That's what Earl would have wanted. It will be interesting to see what happens to Tiger. Will he put golf before all as Earl wanted or will he decide that family is more important because time with them is fleeting?
I hate to give you grief here. However, you earlier stated that you never saw Jack in his prime. How can you say those things? In addition, you talked about how far Tiger hit the ball. If Jack had the same equipment as Tiger, at the same age, he'd hit it just as far. Before courses were "Tiger proofed", they were "Bear proofed". Jack hit 300 yard drives off the screws; not off of titanium. Finally, you talked about Tiger being "he's a built athlete". Well Jack started...
Flap, I have a question for you since you've played the black for so long. I used to play it during the 1980's. I had heard that before then, they had moved the 18th green. That the original one was up where the flag poles now stand. Is this true? Can you shed some light on the subject? Thanks.
Maybe it's an easier walk now. Plus the weather isn't that warm this time of year. That helps.
I loved playing this course. I moved away in '89. It is the one thing, besides real pizza and deli food, that I really miss. It taught me course management. That long fescue was so bad that it took us 5 minutes to find this guy's Sunday bag after he put it down looking for another guy's ball. It was $14 for greens fees and a buck and a half for a pull cart. My 5 wood was used a lot. Hell, I don't even carry one here. My Uncle Fred used to say this about the Black,...
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