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He won't win, he'll be back in the pack but he will be under par. He's the best but he's finely tuned to his clubs. It would take more than just a couple of days to adjust and then still wouldn't have what he wants.
I didn't care for it. They were doing chants like at a basketball game and I think that sets a bad example for how to act at a golf tournament. And that won't work.
I am totally convinced that the low-fat diet is exactly opposite of healthy. I favor a low-carb diet. The best book (and I have read many) is Protein Power Lifeplan. Essentially, try to totally forget bread, potatoes, pasta, sugars. Eat nothing that's in a box. No grain products. If I were to take pictures of all of my meals, you would think "My, what healthy food!" (Meats, veggies, berries, melon.) Read that book!
Your wife listened to you read aloud that entire golf story? You got a keeper.
I don't have a manual with mine. Mine works fine but how do I turn that on? It might already be on.
Several years ago, I had a Bushnell, maybe it was model 400? Worked great. Sold it when I quit golf. Back golfing again. Just bought Bushnell 1500 with slope and pinseeker. Works great. 15 seconds? No way. If it takes longer than about 3-5 seconds, you're likely doing something wrong. Just mount the device, push the button and move it around the flag. It should pick it up easily. I shoot flags at 300 yards, no problem. And also bunker lips. Just hold the button, shoot...
Ron, from one who is definitely interested in getting max driver distance, Bobby Clampett says in his new book, the one that is based on the few inches after impact, that super high speed digital photography has now shown that contrary to popular folk wisdom, even pro golfers do NOT swing UP on the driver. Despite what they think happens. That the clubhead is actually moving down. Got a response? Does his revelation (if true) surprise you? (Not trying to be smarty...
Ogio Vaporlite looks good. Pic I saw showed the golfer carrying the bag and no head covers and it looked like the clubs were separated. I hate wood covers, what a pain. In fact, buy it here for $69, including shipping. This color scheme looks like an older model but the functionality appears to be similar or the same as later models. Only 3.8 lbs.
When I look at any of their regional tours, for results, they show 2-5 players and their scores. I don't know if that means that this is all the players in the event or just the top x-number of places. I am curious as to how many players they are having in the tourneys.
No, I think you mean a right hook. Ochoa turns her head to her right, AWAY from the target. Ron del Barrio allows his head to turn targetward as the body rotates toward the target. That's my take, anyway. To me, Ochoa's head turn looks very ugly. Yuck. Plus, she has this little move at the end of her swing that says "Yeah, I striped that one, let's make another follow through move for the camera." Needless to say, I don't like to watch her hit it.
New Posts  All Forums: