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Hi I'm after some advice please. I'm consistently missing putts to right of hole. I'm using an odyssey metal x 7 c/s putter. I'm thinking would a change of putter help me with this. I'm a straight back style putter but would I benefit from an offset putter or heal toe weighted one?? Please help!! Thanks
Hi guys I'm thinking of changing to a scotty cameron square back either 1 or 2 models. After reading reviews it seems the 2 has slightly more toe hang and says it helps eliminate pulled putts to left?? Im currently pushing slightly to the right but was told to go for this model because of the plumbers neck!? I'm confused!!!??? I'm currently using odyssey metal x 7 c/s. If anyone can tell me main differences between both models if be much appreciated!!
Hi I'm after some advice on whether to change putter type. I'm currently using odyssey metal x 7 centre shafted putter. I'm struggling with pushing putts consistently right of the cup. After reading several sites some people suggested a plumbers neck putter? What's everyone's opinion?? What type of head would help correct or improve it?
Hi Can anyone give me some advice on how to play these shots as I'm struggling for consistency with them. One minute ill fat it 10 yards in front of me and others thin it through the green. What club would you use out of my vokeys 60,54,50? Ball position in stance,narrow open stance,grip lower?? Any help/advice would be much appreciated!!
Hi I'm after some advice on my putting. I'm playing off 11 but losing silly shots on putts from around 1-2 feet for some reason. I've worked on my putting and keeping my arms tucked in slightly more. But when playing in comps and having to hole out I tighten up on them putts and drag or push putts wide of hole! Can anyone help!? Grip lower down? Narrower stance? Heeeellllpppp!
Hi all I've bought an old ping b90i belly putter but hasn't got a headcover. Can anyone recommend what style of any headcovers which would fit it?? Thanks
Hi guys I've just bought a used ping b90i long putter off eBay real cheap and as it's a long shaft and soon to be illegal I was after some feedback on what length to cut it down to? I want some just a touch smaller than belly putter so it's not anchored against me. I have also bought a new 21" ping avs grip for it. I use a left hand low grip if that helps and I'm 6ft tall. I was guessing at about 40" shaft perhaps!!!!??? Hope all this info can be useful in some advice...
Hi guys I'm after a layer to wear over the top of my under armour coldgear baselayer. I'm wanting a fleece type jacket ideally. Anyone help please? Cheers
Hi everyone. Been toying with idea of laser rangefinder and gps watch and decided for similar money a laser rangefinder would be best!!!! Problem I've got now is picking between; Nikon coolshot Bushnell Or any others people can suggest!!
I recommend the superstroke ultra slim!! Struggled loads with my putting and tried the bigger superstroke and felt like I was holding a baseball bat. Then I tried the ultra slim version. Slightly bigger than standard grip but just feels right and has helped me out with distance control!!
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