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I love sweet tea. As far as casually drinking hot tea or just coffee I'll just take it black.
There is a difference between not planning on tipping and being denied service. Threads like these just remind me of college and serving people hand and foot who rack up bills in the hundreds of dollars where I waited on their every need and they still payed in exact change while I made 3 dollars an hour doing so. I consider people like that to be deadbeats.
Has anyone had any experience with Wilson Staff Ci7 wedges? I found a set including a gap and sand wedge for 60 dollars. I also found a set of Orlimar M.T.C 3 wedge set for 50 dollars (52,56,60).
I can't stand those gigantic driver heads. Anything over 400cc is just too big for me and it seems like they compromise swing speed with all the resistance they create.
As do I. What you should do is snoop around a store for a while one weekend and hit all the hybrids then go online and look for the one that felt the best. Personally I love the Bafflers.Depending on what brand you're looking at the 2H might be an 18 or 19 degree, so keep that in mind.
Where did you get that deal new? On most sites I see them for that price each.
My opinion on tipping is that you shouldn't be eating out if you don't plan on tipping. Not only is it rude, you're wasting their time and all they are trying to do is make an honest living.
Chances are you just have a crappy video card.
It's a cardinal sin to get Cheese Nips when Cheez-Its are available. The Wheat Thins crackers are great too. Have you ever mixed Cheez-Its with Wheat Thins before? If you haven't you should.
I don't even know why we (Atlanta) even have a team anymore.
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