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Brian Gay has a lot of momentum coming in. He's not all that long but he has the all around game to get it done.
i agree i tried this as well and seemed to help start the putt on line better. i also tried the other tip he suggested about tempo. you just simply put a coin in the cavity of your putter and the goal is to swing back and through with out the coin falling out of the cavity. if you have trouble putting consistently try this drill. all though if you use a two ball putter or something like that. that doesn't have a cavity on it i think your SOL.
anywhere from 115 and in its got to be the 56*.
thanks for the advice. i may need to swing the club more up right i tend to swing a little flat and from the inside hince the draw. i'm just frustrated right now i've always been able to hit any shot on cue. i just don't understand how something like this happens all of a sudden. i guess when i started this thread i was just more curious to see if its happened to any one else?
yea i know. but its that bad dude i've always had a natural draw so i never really hit the cut unless i needed too. but the other day on the course i had a shot that called for a cut and i just couldn't pull it off. every time i try to cut it. it goes dead straight. the reason why i asked for pointers was to see if any one that was a lower handicap has had this problem and how they fixed it.
swinging out to in with an open stance doesn't work. taking a weaker grip doesn't either. the only thing that sort of works is opening up the club face. the weird thing is i only have this problem with my irons my driver and 3 wood are fine. i think the problem is that im over rotating the right arm over the left. what do you guys think? any pointers?
I have an '03 ford lightning sport truck. 5.4 liter super charged 400 hp 467 ft lbs of torque. why did i buy it cause i like to haul azz!!! and i also like beatin little rice burners with a truck the look on there faces when i blow by them is priceless.
4 pw,gw,sw,lw
Id rather get a good stretch in than tryin to hurry up hit a few balls on the range. if you strecth good everything else will fall into place after a couple of holes.
i shot 73 today with a double bogey on the par 3 16th. i just couldn't get it out of the freakin sand!
New Posts  All Forums: