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 The bolded is what I was after in my post #33. If an area is so far away from the target that it is not expected the players to hit their balls there we normally leave those areas unmarked. And yes, you need to be there to decide but I was only taking up general principles, which apparently vary amongst the posters.
  What I read from rogolf's answer was that he (and some others, too) would not mark an area in the rough as GUR, so you are not answering my question. Besides I would like to have an answer from rogolf as he most likely is the one who can elaborate his own thoughts better than any other person. And for further clarity I am referring to my question in post #33.
 Not more boring that a chip sideways from woods. Might be more demanding, though.   Not to mention more time spent players thinking their strategy...
 So, referring to my question to Fourputt you would not mark that area in the rough (= off the closely-mown areas) as GUR?
 Here in a nutshell is the reason why I hesitate to support the OP suggestion. Golf is a game of skills as well as wit. If you get yourself in trouble you should be able to get you out of it.
 It means that there are other types of holes as well, such as one remaining in the ground once a sign post has been removed. I cannot envisage it possible to cover all possible types of holes in a Definition, and that is the reason why this discussion evolved in the first place. Now off to course avoiding all but one type of holes...
An interesting suggestion from iacas which led me (again) to think Rules 25-1 and 24-2 as well.   If your ball is in a bunker and you have interference by casual water or immovable obstruction you are entitled to drop your ball outside the bunker with one penalty, even if you would have a decent place to drop your ball within the bunker (with no penalty). Why can you do that but you cannot choose to drop outside the bunker at your free will?
 And if instead of cut rough there would be tall grass, say 2 feet tall..?
 Not quite. As I've said before, if a hole or indentation is concidered (by the staff or the Committee) to be of such nature that it needs no filling and it is just tough life if a player's ball ends up in there, no relief. Giving relief from all possible holes made by a greenkeeper would end up in an impossibe situation to handle. Afa as a temporary hole is concerned, there has to be a reason for such hole to exist, such as Colin's winter green hole. Most often such holes...
New Posts  All Forums: