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 What JerseyThursday proposed is that you may carry Medicus on the course and use it for training as long as you do not make a stroke at a/the ball. IMO that is correct as it is a club and not a (mere) training aid. However, one would take penalties for carrying a non-conforming club and not using it. So in the end, the player would get 4 PS but would not be DQ'd. Are we now in agreement?
 But doesn't the question 'is the device capable of' provide the answer? A GX-4i without that yellow plate is not capable of measuring and providing the player any forbidden information, right?
 Isn't that contraddictory? A club is a club, whether or not conforming. If it is not a (non-conforming) club there is no penalty for carrying it. So far I thought there was an agreement that this Mediscus thing is a club and a player is penalized for carrying a non-conforming club.. Dec 4-4a/7 allows a player to carry a weighted training club as one of his 14 clubs as well as use it provided it is conforming. And a weighted training club certainly is a training aid.
 Rogolf, are you sure about that? I have wondered it once in a while without coming into any solid conclusion. You say that it would not be use of an artificial device?
 I agree that the wording in that particular blue box is somewhat misleading. IMO it should say 'measuring conditions and providing information...'. Nobody is interested what a device is doing internally if there is no output. This is also what the RB's mean, the device has to be capable of providing the information it measures, not just being able to measure something.
 My thoughts exactly, only in better English :-)
 Effective distance is something else than distance. So a calculator is ok when used for adding or subtracting distances measured with a DMD.
FWIW to the OP, that would not be an official HIO as it was not holed during a stipulated round.   There are numerous HIO clubs in the world and they have strict criteria to accept a member. The one I know of requires the HIO to be holed during a stipulated round.
 This is something I have never seen in Europe and only read about taking place in the States. In my country tee locations are changed according to the wear of the grass/ground and the same goes with pin positions. This has no bearing on the rating of the hole, none whatsoever. Rating is done from the 'official' teepoint to the centre of the green. Playing distance may vary from day to day, and in fact it always does (at least where I have played in Europe). Also in the...
 I doubt that very much, taking into account you would have to rake the bunker and fetch your putter while the others are already there with theirs.  I resist everything that promotes slow play and this is definitively one of those things. I mean, your handicap system (USGA) specifically allows gimmies while ours (EGA) does not, so I do not see any point in being so fixed to a principle.  That is your right, for sure. In our group you would have that right only in a...
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