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  Why? You think you could miss that or for some other particular (rational) reason? I mean, a half an inch! Seriously...
 Where does this 'calculate' come from? I had no idea that a calculator would be forbidden. I add up distances I measure with my DMD in my head but would it really be a breach of Rules if I used a calculator?
 What's the big fuss about that 1/2" gimme? In a competition you putt it out (you have to). In other instances, would you really want to take the time to tap it in?
 Well, it does happen in competitive golf, doesn't it..?
 I am not quite sure what you are trying to say with your post as the original situation is quite different from what you describe.
 It seems that Vivien Saunders and many other authors have got it wrong. They say that the grain is towards setting sun. Must be bermuda grass, I guess.   Pls. don't tell that to the nr 1 professional in my country playing on European Tour since 2001. He just spent a while abroad practising how the ball will break close to the hole on different types of greens. For some reason he praised the experience and the learning. P.S. Not all types of grass have real grain but some...
 Correct, there is no such requirement in the Rules, but as I wrote it does not really fit to the phrase if an area is marked GUR and is not under repair and is never going to be. Reg DZ's I think it would need those. Take a situation where the Nearest Point of Relief would be in the adjacent forest. Wouldn't be in anybody's interest to make the player continue from there.
 In order to save time, I guess. Many people want to search for their balls even they get a free relief. However, marking that area as GUR creates a (minor) problem. A GUR is an area that will be improved (by the course staff) over time, not a piece of land that only nature and evolution will eventually fix. Thus there should be a plan to do something about that area, just marking it GUR without any plan does not really fit to the concept. Also a Droppping Zone would be a...
 I did not suggest that but rogolf did. I emphasized that swamps and marshy areas normally do not have those slopes.
  The bolded text in your post is what preferred lies is all about and under those circumstances it IMO is justified. Unfortunately LCP and LCR are IMO misused in professional golf to give the players best possible lie instead of getting out of a bad/unfair one. In casual golf I do not see any need for Rules in the first place. If someone is happier after having moved his ball from a bad lie is that hurting someone else? Of course, that is not real golf but I have had the...
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