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I'm in favor of the forecaddie theory. In the old days people used to shout FORE before they hit the ball. Bearing in mind the basic principle of Golf Etiquette (that must have been around for several centuries) that no one should hit his ball if there is a slightest possibility that it might hit another person on the course, it does not sound plausible that people would have been yelling FORE and then just hitting the ball relying other people would just duck just in...
When we are dealing with practising during round it is 7-2 but otherwise You are completely correct. Practising chipping as described in the OP is allowed unless specifically prohibited (by the Committee). And I do agree with others, while waiting there is nothing more useful than exercise one's short game.
U already got the right answer but here's some reinforcement: 1-4/1 Player Distracted by Ball Dropped by Another Player Mis-Hits Ball Q. As A was making his backswing, B accidentally dropped a ball, which rolled within six inches of A's ball. The appearance of the dropped ball startled A, causing him to top his shot. In equity, should A be permitted to replay his stroke? A. No. Distractions are a common occurrence which players must accept.
Not sure if I understand what you mean? If you play your ball on the wrong green it is 2 penalties regardless he club you use (Rule 25-3).
Do remember that if the ball is in the bunker and you invoke options 2 and 3 (28b and c in the RoG) you need to drop the ball in the bunker. However, if there is casual water in the bunker and your ball is in it you are allowed to apply 28c and with one penalty drop the ball outside the bunker following option 3 (or 28c).
If the original is lost or OB one must continue with the provisional ball. If the provisional ball is lost or OB as well, then one must bo back to the tee and hit another ball. That would be player's 5th stroke. If the provisional ball is lost or OB and original is in play one must continue with the opriginal ball.
Why 6th shot? Why not 5th?
You are absolutely correct, they don't. On the other hand, they do lots of things that no pro would encourage an amateur to do. Tiger Woods had a swing that no pro would ever teach, same goes with Jim Furyk. So, until one is making millions on Tour one might need to make it step by step. Until then: do NOT shift your weight on your front foot too early and absolutely do NOT do it when you stance. I remember in my 2nd year I got so fed up with skulls and duffs that I...
Sorry to say but you are not fixing the real problem but just killing the pain. During the backswing AND downswing your weight should be on your rear foot, not on the front foot. Correctly produced swing will automatically move the weight towards the front foot but it does not go there before impact but just immediately after. Some time ago I watched a video by Steve Elkington where he said that the weight distribution should be 80/20 on the rear foot and only after...
Be careful with that index finger. It may easily start leading and then u no longer have good control of u'r putter. I used to do that also years back and one good pro told me to avoid that or make sure my right (lower) hand would not control the putter on downswing. Now I have my left index finger on the shaft but as it is the leading hand it is no problem.
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