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  I used to collect butterflies when I was young and we used to visit some swamps for the species living in that very habitat. None of those had any specific margins, not to mention any 'grounds breaking downwards'. I would have an extremely hard time in defining the margins of those kinds of 'water hazards'. However, to be certain, I would have to see the area in question.
 It is not very fruitful to discuss this specific case without having seen the area in question so maybe we should take this on a general level. So let us start, just for the general interest as well as for passing the time. Rogolf, which part of the definition of a WH does a marshy area or a swamp meet? On those areas there may be ponds, ditches, even lakes, but how do you justify the entire area to be a WH?
 So you would mark both the marshy area and the swamp as LWH? On what grounds?
I am not sure if I got the full picture but the definition of a Water Hazard if pretty clear and it does not include occationally wet areas such as low-land forests or swamps. If that marshy/swampy area really is impracticle to play from it might be an idea to make it out of bounds, or if there are any future prospects to dry it then a GUR with a dropping zone could be used.   So to answer your question and more, none of those areas marked in the picture with red lines...
 You might want to learn how to make different yardages with one single club. That would improve your game in all respects and allow you play lower scores with only 8 clubs than with those 15.
 This is not a matter of belief, it is a matter of accepting a statement from one of the two Ruling Bodies. This is the last of it from my part, I do not have competence nor will to argue with R&A, unlike some others seem to have.
 A good post. Denying things is no route to understanding but understanding the facts is. Well written, Turtleback.
 1) You are being rude to anyone who's opinions you don't like so being rude should not come as a surprise to you. 2) The way I see it it is you who has brought the negativity in this thread by calling Rulesman (or ********, as you like to call him...) a liar as well as the official from R&A, which I find appalling. 3) Your argument is that this Local Rule should have been widespread in order to have been legitimate. As it has not been widespread (in the jurisdiction of...
 How pompous can you get?? Why don't you just accept that there are things in the golfing world that you or your friends have never come across with? Who are you to judge 90% of the golfing world just because you did not know something or thought it is wrong? I agree with you and fourputt that this Local Rule is/was no good and against the general principle of golf but I am more than willing to accept that there are and have been eg. regional/local issues and aspects in...
 After this statement there is no doubt ever that the game of golf was invented by the Scottish people...
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