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 We have that only on the highest national level tour.
 You being based in UK, how did you get in contact with USGA?
 Ok, thanks.
 Are those the things sometimes called 'french drains' ? At least very much sounds like them. Certainly obstructions and not water hazards.
 Exactly this. So the answer to the original question is no, you may not touch the green to indicate the line FOR putting even if that point you touch is not on or near your line OF putt. EDIT: It seems rogolf beat me by more than 2 hours ;-)
 That is what I meant. But also that it is not necessarily possible to get a reading from an edge of a bunker if it is not well visible to you. All hazards with their exact locations are in the notes which alwasy gives you a better starting point, and of course faster.
 Not to mention that with a laser you only get the distance between your ball and the pin. From the notes pros get to know how much green there is between the pin and the closest hazards. And that data is always accurate, unlike the one provided by GPS devices such as GolfBuddy or Garmin G-series.
As we are now in agreement with Fourputt I dare to link a video that first came to my mind having read the title of this thread. I am sure many of you have seen this but I hope you all get the same enlighted feeling looking at this and reminiscing that great movie:  
 What JerseyThursday proposed is that you may carry Medicus on the course and use it for training as long as you do not make a stroke at a/the ball. IMO that is correct as it is a club and not a (mere) training aid. However, one would take penalties for carrying a non-conforming club and not using it. So in the end, the player would get 4 PS but would not be DQ'd. Are we now in agreement?
 But doesn't the question 'is the device capable of' provide the answer? A GX-4i without that yellow plate is not capable of measuring and providing the player any forbidden information, right?
New Posts  All Forums: