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   So golf is fair only outside USA and Mexico ?  That statement carries all the weight there is to it as it reflects the fairness principle of golf. It is not saying that golf should be fair but the actions players take on the course must be fair. Also it says that Rules are fair. Makes a lot of sense, IMO.
.From page 1 in the Rules of Golf: Play the ball as it lies,play the course as you find it,and if you cannot do either,do what is fair.But to do what is fair,you need to knowthe Rules of Golf.
 There is this one specific situation described in Dec 20-1/0.7 where a player may lift his ball to find out if he is entitled to a relief. Before doing it he must inform his opponent/fc of his intentions.
 I don't know what you are referring to, but why don't you make the multiquote feature easier to use, just like a zillion other discussion forums have done?
 I wonder why you are addressing this to me as there are 3 other persons referring to Tufts' book and I wasn't even first of them?
 Certainly not, but what has that to do with anything? A completely different situation would arise if relief by LR would be mandatory (just for an example). Players really knowing the Rules would refuse to take the relief as that LR would be against the RoG resulting to be DQ'd by the Committee having drafted the incorrect LR. That is my entire point here.
 Not that I disagree with that sacred principle but I bet Mr. Tufts also believed that distances should be estimated instead of pacing them off, not to mention measuring them with a range finder. Things have a tendency to change.
 When does that sand filled divot hole stop being GUR? Who decides that? Will that speed up the game when a referee is called at the scene every time someone's ball is lying on the fairway and the player thinks he does not have a perfect lie? I find that idea to be quite ridiculous, and I believe Mr. Stewart would have preferred to make his shots from a sand filled divot hole than from a divot hole not filled with anything.
 I got pretty tired reading posts where some people claim it is not possible to have such a Local Rule. As that is complete BS I decided to write those three simple questions. I have encountered various Local Rules that are against the Rules in my time and every time (if feasible) I have tried to inform the responsible parties about the error. However, I'd be a complete fool to argue that those Local Rules never existed. And for the record, people playing by those...
 I see no need to answer your further questions. Satisfied? (great discussion forum...)
New Posts  All Forums: