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I just played a course recently that was very into teeing it forward.  They even added an extra shorter tee so that men would feel comfortable playing from a more forward tee.  On their scorecard they had a "how far you drive/what tees you should play from chart"  They said that a 250 yard driver should play tees about 5800 and a 275 yard driver would be able to play 6100+.  I think that these numbers were completely insane and were just used to promote people to tee it...
  Did you really just type that?  Flexibility is probably the biggest part of track.  I don't even know how to respond to such an idiotic statement that I have highlighted.  There's reasons why many 85 year old people can still play golf but almost none can still run and flexibility is on the top of this list.   These kind of lists are dumb because all they do is cause pointless debates.  Honestly if I wanted my dad to golf with me he could do it at his age (he might not...
My home course does this exact same thing on one hole and It is stupid/frustrating.  They place the pin on a false front, the ball will only stop if it comes to rest about 1 inch from the hole on the right side.  I had a 15 foot putt for bird coming down the hill into the false front.  I just tapped the ball and it rolled off the front of the green and down into the fairway.  From green to fairway on a putt can make a golfer crazy.
Tiger Woods -11 Rickie Fowler -11
It is completely fine to walk while others ride.  I've paired up with a few people in carts while I've been out walking.  Most people ask if I would like a ride and I usually always respond with "I would rather walk, thank you."  Most people will just drive the cart slower and just travel with you.   As for the second par, I always carry but I would say keep them off the green.  Rolling it on the fridge is acceptable.
  What?  You make an argument that playing fast from the back tees is still unacceptable for a worse player, then your evidence is a story about a player who slowed you down by playing from the back tees.
  Still, it's still a number.  It would be like if you put your hcp as amateur. 
  Where is your handicap then? Pro doesn't really tell me much.
  I rarely keep a score card.  I usually just add the over par (and the rare under par when I birdie the first hole) in my head.  I don't think it affects my game at all. 
  I'm sure that if Tiger dropped a 78 on a Sunday he would be complaining.
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