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Tiger even has this problem whenever he drives around!
I feel you, tried out the R9 today... one big bliss, each hole. Draws, fades, everything magically appears. Pretty sure I actually put a better swing on the ball, too. 18th hole was an absolute monster with trees and water all over, still ripped the sweet baby bejeesus out of that little ball. Just remember; if you do mess up now, it really is you and not the club :( But it's yet to happen, hehe :D
I played up to handicap 9 in a year of starting golf. Couldn't hit a driver to save my life, relied on 4 irons basically. I am pretty long of the tee, my size (6"7) helps I guess. Anyway, tried out an R9 driver today. Absolute. Sex. Grin on my face everytime I pulled it out of the bag. Sometimes the arrow influences the indian, pal. And if you want to bitch and moan at people, fix your damn grammar at least. Can't figure out how to aim this reply at Golfro. Anyway, 9...
In that case: -Keep your tempo. Don't ever try to "go at it" from the rough. Don't slow down, either. Just swing with a nice rhythm. - Swing your arms, not your hips. Do you always hook it or? I think you are keeping your arms too quiet, and driving your lower body through too much. Can't be sure though, give it a try ;)
Err. Take less club, because your 8 iron will turn into a 6 iron because of the slope. And do you lift your left foot on the backswing? You want to keep most of your weight on your front foot, but make sure you use more than your arms. Most people with issues with downhill shots come over the top and slice it, or don't complete the backswing and drive their lower body through too much... What's your typical miss?
Bounce comes into play every time your club touches the ground. Everytime.
Think rhythm, not speed. Don't think slow, think one, two. This goes for all of your clubs. Anyways, if you play in the high 80's you likely won't even benefit from woods. No offense, but hitting it O.B once more is already is a loss situation versus iron only play.
When putting and hitting fairway woods, weight should be slightly on the heels. With irons it should be a little bit on your toes. Never hit a put fat after that.
Opening and closing the clubface is definately the way to go. And take a club extra if you have to open the clubface. When the ball is above your feet, choke a bit too. All of this applies to chipping/pitching aswell.
Sometimes everything just falls together. Don't get too negative though, and don't think too much. By the way, DAMN your putter is nice.
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