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You're right in that the shaft was purchased used as a one time pull but grand new. Seller stated that it was pulled from a Ping i20 driver that played to 45.25" in lenth. I'm just not sure how it compares to my driver.
As stated, I just purchased a 43" Project X 6.0 driver (grip to tip).  I probably should have done this before I bought the shaft, but any idea what length my TEE CB3 driver will play to with this shaft length?  I'm hoping around 44.5" to 45".  Any help wiill be appreciated.   Also, any thoughts on the shaft itself is welcome. Thanks, Tony
Do you mean 5 o'clock?  The way I've thought of toe hang is a face balanced putter is 3 o'clock and a full toe hang being 6 o'clock.  I can't imagine a putterhead going past 6 o'clock. 
Does anyone know what the toe hang is on this putter?  I have searched online but have had no luck finding out.  Your help is appreciated!
I think I am "hitting" too, but as Iacas said, that's not what my issue is. My right side overpowers my left side giving me issues with getting onto my left side and keeping the proper angles. My misses are generally fat and thin shots caused by keeping my weight on the right side and flipping, because my right arm/wrist takes over.
So I've been noticing more and more lately that the right side of my body is basically completely taking over my downswing causing some erratic shots. It's getting very frustrating. I was wondering what one can do to remedy this. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Dan - What's different from the DVD's vs. the book? I looked up the link you posted and it's $500 for the DVD's. How did you manage to get your at $258? If you have the book, are the DVD's worth it in your opinion? Tony
Yes, I was referring to Bruce. He's only asked me step one of his process, so I can't come to a conclusion as to whether or not he's against having the eyes over the ball at address. He actually sent me 3 images and asked which I was more like and stated "keep in mind neither one is incorrect". The figures he sent had one with the eyes inside the line of the ball, another on line with the ball, and the last one over the line of the ball. Can I ask another question? ...
Hi Dan, I have hooked up with a putting fitter on another site and he is helping me with an online fitting with a series of questions, but one thing he mentioned in one of his emails is that in doing his putting fittings, he's found that over 60% of the people have not had their eyes directly over the ball in order to properly line up their putts straight. If you would like to get in touch with him, PM me and I can give you more information about him. Also, in Stan...
So I started reading the book a couple weeks ago and got my first chance to go to the range yesterday. The range session wasn't good in itself, but afterwards, I thought I'd go to the bunker and try the chipping drill he recommended (draw a line in the sand as if it was the ball and chip while taking sand out after the line). Well I started doing this and I most of my chips (without a ball of course) were after the line indicating a forward bottom swing. I was very...
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