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OP... i'm guessing you don't swing your irons the same as your driver, cause your driver swing is pretty darn good. the action you have from top to bottom is pretty much on point: there is no flipping in your swing, you're coming down on plane and from the inside. I would like to see you make those EXACT same movements, but set up closer to the ball, drop the hands slightly and bend more from the waist.   As far as the slicing goes, you have an incredibly weak grip,...
OP, the instructor is trying to give you the backswing he feels most comfortable with. You need to find your own. Sure, it's more efficient to go back on plane and then come straight back down, but if that doesn't feel good to you, don't do it. All the backswing does is get you into the most comfortable position you, not the pro or anyone else, should be in in order to deliver the club on plane and with as much force as possible. The main problem I see is your hands are...
Tiger Woods: -18 Alvaro Quiros: -8 Tom Watson: -3
go watch shawn clements' videos on youtube. he's got 5 vids for whatever you need to learn. 
make it feel like you're swinging behind the ball, pull the handle down and with passive arms let the club do its thing. at first it feels like you're gonna stuff the club in the ground, and if you don't straighten your right arm you won't. the centripetal force exerted will pull the clubhead down and through the ball. trick is to feel like you're swinging with your shoulders, NOT your arms. 
I didn't think it had been that long until I thought about it. Then I was like, damn it's been 6 months since I've hit balls. To make a long story short, I've been busy as hell. But I digress....   I start out hitting some balls, they're all going to the right and I'm hitting them thin. So I bend forward a bit, and I'm suddenly hitting my 5-PW really nicely. With my 3 and 4 iron, not so much. I'm hitting them incredibly fat. I tried straightening up just a tad, or...
yeah, i don't need to hear about jesus or anything else from a golfer. i don't watch golf for feel good stories about people i don't know and likely will never meet. not that i wish ill on him, i just don't care about his family dynamic or his excuses for acting an ass in france. i find it sad that we give pro athletes a pat on the back for doing what they're supposed to do, or rather not doing what they shouldn't. i am in the charles barkley school of philosophy with...
great to see tiger win again. great for golf, and great for golf fans. let's just hope his body holds up for 10 or so more years
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