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it's a darn shame that i don't have any pictures to post, but i'll try to snap some while i'm home this weekend for the 4th great idea for a thread.
i love how LPGA tour players (namely christina kim and michelle wie) use twitter mid-round traditional? no. but it does a great job of bringing fans closer to the action, which i always think is a good thing
I would think a shaft with too little flex would stay open and cause more pushes and slices, not pulls/hooks...can anyone tell me why I might be wrong?
i'm so tempted, i love ogio's club divider hmmmm
yes, they can go dead. my guess is that your driver isn't dead, though.
meh, it's not like he's a scratch golfer. my guess is that he's a talented golfer that plays alot. knew a kid in high school that shot sub-40s (daily, he was a golf teammate that played golf instead of football to stay healthy for basketball season) a week after he started playing golf. just pure talent
i think if you're hitting the ball straight or drawing it, you don't need to go to a stiffer shaft
should have gone to get fitted before you just started throwing shafts at your clubhead
yeah, and I guess I just don't play courses long enough to need those yardages...most par 5's around here are between 5-600 yards, I don't try to attack them in two so ~280yd drive, 230 3w, short wedge into the green. the only place I run into trouble are the long par 3's that I usually have to attack with a 5 wood, but even if I miss the green i'm usually close enough to get up/down or bogey (which isn't bad for me) ive got alot more things I need to improve before I...
yknow, I figured out a big problem of mine was poor setup (my feet were standing open while I was aiming properly -- I was setting up for a very hard fade)...something I never really figured out without spending time with a shaft at my feet at the range making sure my feet didn't stand open. something to try, at least. it was a combination of common slice causes (cupping wrists, lack of release, weak grip, etc) that caused mine.
New Posts  All Forums: