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I just came across this article: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/424278/mathematics-reveals-new-approach-to-the-perfect-putt/ On a flat, gradient surface (ie, no saddlepoints, etc), all equidistant putts have ideal targets that are about the same spot. So you can read your own putt by reading several different putts of the same distance, as they should share a common target point. The paper is from 2 years ago, but it was neat to see analysis behind this...
Was hoping to find half-naked photos of TST staff... Left disappointed.
This is an effective shot? Maybe from a tight lie, but I would think any presence of grass would make dragging the clubhead at least as risky as not.
Just leave it at home for the first couple casual rounds. Or do you literally have to get rid of it (ie, sell it to afford the gap wedge)?
My gear is pretty spread out over several major brands, so I probably have everything covered anyway. Adams, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, and Odyssey are currently in my bag in one way or another. My current visor is Titleist. It was the right colors, so I got it. No need to match anything.
My local course is shorter and has two sets of tees, white and blue. The par-3s are reasonable, two in the 180s, a 130s, and a 150s (from the blues). Scorecard link. Three, play into the wind though and two have very deep greens, so effective yardage on those is 20 more 1/4 of the time.
How do you play the clubs? Which one is least comfortable for you to hit? Least consistent? Least versatile? Least likely to actually be used? Least replaceable during a round if you actually needed it? The simplest advice is to just pull the club that is required the least often per round. For me, my 3-hybrid is my go-to club on a lot of holes because it's the longest club I'll use off the fairway. My 58* wedge is nice to have, but I only pull it a couple times per...
I'd give Woods a slight edge. He plays in a few more PGA Tour events per year. (Right now it's 17 events for Woods vs 14 for McIlroy, I believe.)
I have noted that different balls sound different and feel different. Sound tends to range from soft "thuds" in more expensive short-game oriented balls, to sharp "tings" in cheaper/harder distance-oriented balls. Feel tends to range from softer more seemless impact in the more expensive short-game oriented balls to harder more punched impact in the distance-oriented balls. But I have not noticed any actual difference in performance. I have taken several balls of...
When choosing club specs, the goal is to optimize a set of measurements. Your flex, kickpoint, loft, swing-weight, etc, should all work together to produce an optimal combination of launch angle, speed, and spin for the ball. Get on a launch monitor. See what your numbers are. Fitting it can be a bit of an art and I'm certainly no expert, but if you can get some reasonably good measurements you can find some resources (consult a fitter or the Internet) and see how your...
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