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89. I haven't played or practiced much lately, so I was kind of surprised to do decently. Unfortunately, I missed a lot of good GIR opportunities. I think I had three chances to hit the green with a wedge that I just chunked. Driving was decent, though.
You must be new here.Ah, yep.Welcome. We totally think these things are worth 35 pages of meandering conversation.
  I thought you could only win the same award once every six months. Did that change?
Whenever different people study the same thing, if they're worth their salt, their results will look similar. One of them has to come first, though, and thus comparisons are inevitable. -- Random thought.
I think that the easiest way for a very high handicapper to improve their score is to improve their bad shots. I remember going from shooting high 90s to low 90s and almost nothing about my game changed except I learned to control my bad shots better. I stopped hitting the chunkers that move a half acre of dirt, I stopped push slicing drives into neighboring states, I stopped blading wedges over the green, etc. (At least, no longer as often.) That itself dropped my score...
Got mine today. Thanks!
I finally made my mind up. I'm against any anchored putters. My indecision for so long was because of the problem: What is the idea of golf? Is it to hit the ball from the side with a stick, or to hit the ball from the side with a freely-held stick? I now think the latter makes more sense.
I meant for water hazards. Thought I specified that in specific, but I didn't.
45 to 60 minutes early. I have to get at least 10 full swings and 10 practice putts in. Ideally I'll get more like 20 putts, 25 full swings, and a bit of pitching and chipping. Then I like to be early to the teebox so I can get everything situated properly (ball marker, extra balls marked, tees accessible, etc) before I need to stand on the teebox.
Take her swing faults as seriously as she takes them. If she's only casually interested and only hits a couple buckets a month, don't get overly concerned with faults and change things that break her swing for a couple months. That will likely dissuade her interest. But if she's very into it, hits a bucket or two a week, and makes it obvious she wants to improve, that's another story.
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