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I didn't know there was the provision for a local rule to override that. That's convenient for the occasional hole where re-hitting would be a huge waste of time.Alas, I've never seen it used on a course where I wished it was.
Here's one that bugs me, although I definitely won't call it "stupid". There are several reasons why you would re-hit your last shot. If you hit into in a hazard you may want to re-hit, if you lose it you have to re-hit, it you get a really bad lie in some situations you can just take a penalty and re-hit. But you can never use a provisional as your re-hit. Say you hit a ball and think it might be lost outside a hazard, so you hit a provisional. You get up to where the...
I'm all for keeping the rules the same. Having the pros play different rules kind of defeats the purpose, as the entire point of the professional level is to exemplify the best and most awesome players of the game. The game itself should be the same for all of us, otherwise we're out there playing one game, the pros are out there playing a different one.
Sure, I do it all the time. Not that many 320 yard holes on my course, but there are a couple and I always tee off when others are on the green. I stand a 0.01% chance of getting anywhere near the green.
Historically, always a scorecard. I've sampled a few Android apps for scorekeeping, but none were all that great. In specific, most didn't keep the stats that I like to keep. But recently I found the oobgolf Android app looks like it's pretty cool as far as score and stat keeping goes. I've decided to give it a try. The free version keeps all the stats except one (distance of first putt) that I like to keep. For $10/year they open up a ton more stats to keep. There's...
A swing on a simulator isn't the same as a swing on a real course. If you're not hitting a real ball at a real target, you can modify your swing without even realizing it. Even a swing on a driving range isn't perfect, but it's better than on a simulator.
A lot of courses have spectator fees for this type of thing. You can bring someone along, pay for their spot on the course, and not have to worry about whether it's OK; the course said it's OK and sanctioned their presence. If the course doesn't have spectator fees, they probably have some policy on the practice that they're willing to share with you.
What's his impact position look like? Does he hit the ball on the upswing? The difference between 6* and 9* is very small. Considering that launch angle is the result of a couple factors, he could have a launch angle that's closer to average than expected.
Midsize, but I fit oversize grips. I like the feel a lot better than standard size grips. Grips that are too small cause the tips of my fingers to sit under my palm, which feels weird.
Rooting for a 4-peat from Stricker.
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