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Really interesting poll. We should have this yearly. I said 76-90%. I'm more consistent now and my average score has dropped a couple strokes. Last year at this time I was just recently thrilled to break 90, now it's my average score. I think my driving is less consistent, but I'm working on that. My putting is better, my chipping and pitching is better, and my irons are better. I can play bogey golf pretty easily now.
Looking for a Ping G15 driver, regular flex, 10.5* loft. I'm looking for the < $140 price range. Biggest concern regarding the condition is the crown at address, not too picky otherwise. Grip irrelevant as I'll probably replace it. Cut down shaft potentially a plus because I'll probably trim it myself.
I didn't say they weren't. Note that I quoted your original post and pointed out I was replying to the original post. I wasn't interjecting to the current conversation.You wanted to know why people were so skeptical. That's why.
To the OP:In general...First, it's hard to measure a drive accurately without a GPS. In short, if you don't have GPS readings, it's very hard to accept eyeballed measurements because they're notoriously unreliable, especially when you consider the fact that people want to think that they hit it farther than they do. Almost everything about estimating the distance will lead in favor of over-estimating. The climbing-and-dropping trajectory of a shot fools the eye into...
I took a college class and played a couple sets of 9 holes over a few months. I think I eventually played a full 18 about 3 or 4 months after starting. If you're trying to get a feel for the game before you play it, definitely spend some practice time on the range first. I'd recommend you then find a par-3 course to warm up with. You only need 5 rounds to establish a handicap, but you need to play 20 before your handicap is "fully" filled out.
I almost always use a 3-hybrid for those second shots. Usually there's very little to no chance of getting pin-high on the second shot, but a solid strike will leave me with a full PW, which isn't bad. The 3-wood introduces the potential for another 30 yards of distance under perfect conditions, and 15 to 20 under decent conditions, but it also introduce the potential for -50 yards. That said, I occasionally use the 3-wood off the deck and I do practice with it. The...
I love the Callaway Warbirds. They feel great wrapped around a club handle and they also fit my hand perfectly. Usually a glove always has a finger or two that doesn't quite match up with the actual lengths of my fingers, but this glove gives meaning to the expression "fits like a glove". I love it. I think it's either the only (or one of the few) reviews I've written here with a full 5 stars. And at $15 for a 2-pack, it's a good deal.
I see enough mulligans, gimmes, and foot wedges from my partners that I don't think most golfers take the rules too seriously.
First, I set my price range. Then, I read reviews and tests on the various balls in that price range to see which were regarded as having the best spin. Then I started buying a dozen of each of those balls. I've found a few favorites. My most favorite keeps getting discontinued, so I'll probably pick a new favorite.
I think they're both already working on it.
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