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My guess is that 4 or 5 is probably the most efficient group size in terms of total throughput for the day, assuming you send out nothing but full groups all day long. The gap from 3 to 4 adds 33% carrying capacity while possibly not adding more than 33% extra time, so it's probably more efficient than 3. From 4 to 5 you add 25% capacity, but the new guy might cause them to take a quarter extra time. It seems like a toss-up on whether 5 continues the trend of being more...
I said 1 in 20, but was tempted to say 1 in 50. That's for putts of about 15" long, not within 15", which would include 1" putts. It's not too rare to fine an awkward putt of that length into a cup that was cut in a bad slope by a disgruntled greenskeeper. You make some of them, but I know I've lipped some out. I'll have a small handful of putts of the course of a day, and while I probably wouldn't miss one on average I probably would every few rounds.
There are easier holes and harder holes. Easier holes tend to yield better scores. An eagle is when you get the ball in the hole in two strokes under par while playing by the rules. Do you feel bad about par-ing an easy par-4? Do you not count birdies on the shortest par-3 on the course? Etc... There are hard holes where you're pretty much guaranteed to not shoot under par, and there are easy holes where you have a really good chance at it. Everyone plays the same par,...
It's the "hacker" logo for Linux / FOSS enthusiasts, and I kind of consider myself one. I'm also a "hacker" in the golf vernacular. So by using the logo on my golf ball I'm bridging my two interests using an self-descriptive vocabulary term for both.
Who puts a pin in the middle of GUR?
I've made a lot of changes that I'm working on. Old stuff I'm re-focusing on: - Steep shoulders (aka, shoulder turn on plane) - Not flexing the left knee too far on the backswing Newer changes: - No more hitting with my left wrist. - I'm trying to fire through impact primarily with my right arm now. I used to keep as passive a right arm as possible, due to it causing trouble for me in the past, but I think that's silly paranoia and I've decided to learn how to use it....
I played off and on for a couple years and then seriously for maybe a year before I got one. I had no natural golf talent, so I had very few chances at birdie to begin with, let alone ability to capitalize on it. It was a short par 4. Hit a good, long drive, then a PW to about 12 feet, then made the put.
Shot 100. Haven't broken into the triple digits in a long time. The front 9 was only 45. The back was 55. I put multiple shots in the water or OB, skulled perfect approach lies, and just didn't hit any of my clubs well, including the putter. Also carded my first +5 in a while. On the plus side it was on a new course that was quite enjoyable. I wish I could say it was a bear of a course, but it wasn't. Just bad golf on my part.
Practicer. My worst usually comes out on the course and I don't feel comfortable on the course unless my practice routine feels comfortable. Right now I don't think that actually playing improves me much. It's good to do, but the bulk of my improvement happens on the range. Eventually, hopefully, the things I need to work on in my game will actually be things I need to play in order to practice, but I'm not quite there yet. I try to hit range balls two or three times a...
I might be. Don't know for sure yet.
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