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You're right, the Olympic field won't be able to match the field that we expect of a major. And we have four of those per year.The quality of the prize is typically determined by the quality of the field. So, no, the Olympic prize is very unlikely to match the honor of a major.
Video of Tiger's 9-iron shot around the tree:
We already have 4 competitions per year where we invite basically the 150 best in the world to compete on the best and hardest courses that exist, and most of them show up. Unless the 2016 Olympics use a different style of play, how exactly are they going to compete with that kind of quality of field? No doubt an Olympic gold would be an honor, but more than a major? I have a hard time seeing that.
Wow, I currently have the top 4-way tie all picked in my fantasy lineup. One in class A, three in class B. A day to remember.
Until recently I used to play with sunglasses on. I don't think it makes a difference one way or another. I thought that the squinting/glare would kill me, but the hat brim does a decent job of mitigating that and I don't play much when the sun is at it's brightest. So after some adjustment I don't really notice it any more. I'm trying to think of anything I do that was inspired by the pros do. It's hard to be sure, but the only thing I can think of is that I've found...
Sweet. I could carry two drivers that I don't hit well. I can't wait until I have the option to hit club 1 somewhere between 210 and 250 and possible off to the left or club 2 somewhere between 210 and 250 and possible off to the left .
Playing golf with few strokes is hard. Playing golf consistently with few strokes is really hard. The former is akin to having a good hole. It's actually reasonably difficult to move the ball 350 yards an into a 4.25" cup in just 4 strokes. The latter is what a golf score is about, how consistently you played golf.Keeping the ball in play and hitting a good shot or two is a nice way to play golf. But golf scores aren't about playing decently some of the time, it's about...
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Yeah, confirmation bias is probably the biggest reason why myths, or bad rules of thumb, prevail. Three greens in a row break in a certain direction, and a handful of other ones do, and suddenly it's well-known knowledge that that's how all the greens break. Every time someone misses on that side, they instantly remember that's the direction the greens break. But when it's missed to the other side, well, that's not worth remembering.
My stock shot tends to be pretty much straight. I'd like to be a push-drawer, but I do it with any consistency with my shortest irons at the moment. My typical miss tends to be an OTT pull fade. One of the nicest additions to the new forum (well, "new" in the sense of 1.5 years old) is block lists. Just throwing that out there.
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