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I hate when the first swing with a new club really sucks. Oh well. It gives me a feel for what it'll feel like on the majority of my shots.
When in doubt, find a high-ish resolution picture of the real thing online and compare to that. (This is another home-taken image, but I compared it to official images and it's very similar. I chose it because it was the best resolution I could find in a quick search.) Not even close. The font for "G15" is slightly wrong. (Too thin.) There's a missing black border around the "G15" test. The orange color should be red. The black paint at the base of the hosel is the...
Because technology has limited benefit (no club fixes fundamental swing problems), or because clubs perform similarly (everyone replicates and copies successful designs), or something else?
I don't even see what benefit there would be in switching balls (of the same model) to putt. I find it hard to believe that a wedge mark or two is going to alter the ball's roll. After you remove any shards off the ball there's just a very slight imperfection on the surface, and you're putting on a soft cushy surface (the tops of grass), so I would think that the minor blemish would be further rendered irrelevant.
He meant no benefit if you replace it. You may have bumped it closer to the hole, but after you replace it your error margin is pretty much humanly negligible. You're directly watching the ball there and you see it move, so you can replace it pretty darned accurately. An error margin of a blade or two of grass won't even get you around a spike mark.
I play by myself quite often. It's a great way to get in a set of super-twilight 9 holes after work.
If you're interested in confirming your shaft needs, take a GPS with you and measure all your drives for the day and find your real average. Then get on a launch monitor and get some real numbers for your swing. Your swing feel can be very misleading, especially if you aren't an experienced or precise golfer, so fitting should be done by an expert or by numbers rather than by feel. You can sometimes get onto a launch monitor for free if you're demoing a club, but at worst...
Frankly, this is one of the few "kind" rules where the golfer is actually given the benefit of the doubt. You get to accidentally disturb the ball/ball-marker and get out of it for free in this situation. The rule makes sense, but it does violate the "move it and get penalized" intuition that we have.
Rotating the shoulders on their plane. Just watched some video of my swing yesterday and noticed that I'm starting with a half-decent take-away (left shoulder is down, hands are deep), but then I flatten my shoulders a bit during the rest of the swing and then actually lift my arms a bit off plane at the top to compensate and get them higher. I'm pretty sure I used to be better, I think I've slowly morphed back toward my old form. Flat shoulders tend to cause unintended...
Look for deals at Dicks Sporting Goods, if you have them nearby. They routinely have some deal like "buy 2 get 1 free" or "get the second 50% off". You can definitely score good balls for $1.50 per ball. The Top Flite Gamer v2 is a great ball for $20/dozen. On sale it can reach $15/dozen. You're already ponying up money to play golf, don't make yourself miserable while you play by playing with equipment you don't like.
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