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Main ball is NXT Tour... occasionally still game the Bridgestone E6+ when I'm not feeling to good with my shots.
My first guess would be the golf course.
Three. A starter Dunlop set... dunno what model or whatever... just the kind that comes in a $300 starter set from Walmart lol An hand-me-down set of Wilson Staff Fat Shafts that my uncle gave to me A set of Wilson Staff Di7s that I just bought last month.
Di7s are about as forgiving as it gets. It's hard not to hit them straight.
I'd have to recommend the same set I use, Wilson Staff Di7's, or the Di9s, which, from what I heard, are even better. They will add distance, which isn't very important and is only a side effect imo, but something about those sticks... it just seems harder to mis-hit.
E. Stress Reliever Even though I get stressed on the golf course on the regular
Yanks vs. Phils again... and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Yankees fan.
I do for everything except for putting like a lot of people here... not for the feel or the grip, though, but simply because I get blisters out the wazoo when I don't wear one.
I agree it's stupid on their part because they could make more money if they just sold the headcovers (seeing as people would definitely buy them). But honestly, since SC is a "premium" brand, they probably do it to protect their name. They probably don't want every Joe Schmoe putting a SC headcover on their no name putter.
Well at least you signed up... I'm kicking myself for not doing it at all.
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