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Nike combo waterproof rain hood with reversible cotton towel on the inside. Only used this once before getting a new bag that had a rain hood accessory. Has a zipper that allows hood to be fully opened to use as a towel, or can zip it closed to drape over clubs while walking/riding in rain.    When zipped up, it measures 20" x 20" Unzipped, measures 40" x 20"   Here's a link to the actual product page at...
My friend enjoyed playing at The Oaks Golf Club (about 20 mins from Diamondhead)   Shell Landing is a good course, but I think it runs around $80.    Grand Bear in Biloxi is a solid course (Jack Nicklaus design). It's pricier, but the price on their site includes a golf cart. If you walk, maybe it's cheaper.   If you wanna blow your wad (money!) on one course instead of a couple, check out Fallen Oaks (http://www.fallenoak.com/)   Check out this site...
Made this for a friend    
What are the best ways to clean a golf bag? I'm not talking about mud or dust, but the thing just smells. You know, that post-golf FUNK. It's that same smell in your clothes... rain gear... etc. I've played a handful of rounds in the rain lately as well, so maybe that has something to do with it.    I've read water + vinegar... or, water + oxi clean? What's the best way of getting INSIDE the bag (walking bag)? Is it best to just air dry? Just want the dang thing to...
Updated price to $50 shipped
Khaki / light brown color. 3-stripe, flat front, with Climacool technology. Received as a gift with no return receipt,  and they're too large for me. All original tags still attached, never worn, and shipped to me directly from Adidas. $50 shipped. Would trade for Adidas pants (new) in size 32"x30" or 33"x30"   Features: Stretch fabric is 100% Coolmax polyester Nano technology with anti-microbial properties Stay dry, cool and comfortable with ClimaCool...
I tried to, but I keep getting errors saying that I don't have permission to edit the post (?)
Pics if anyone is interested...     http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6218/6277807704_903cf51a87_z.jpg   http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6233/6277807742_b8b5c9e0c3_z.jpg   http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6108/6277807802_7b63f35895_z.jpg
My putting has been atrocious lately (severe lack of practice), so I'm interested to see where this thread goes... because my thoughts have been raging!
Khaki / light brown color. 3-stripe, flat front, Climacool technology   Received as a gift with no return receipt. Too large for me.   Still in plastic wrap (tags still on), never worn, and shipped directly from Adidas.   $60 shipped. Can post pictures later if anyone is interested.   Would trade for Adidas pants (new) in size 32"x30" or 33"x30"
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