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i still have a soft spot for tiger.
good impact.
awesome to hear things are going well so far. I'm sure I speak for everyone when i say we wish you the best and good luck! glad you started this blog, can't wait to hear more.
I had the exact same feeling honestly. Seemed like a cool cat. I looked at my girlfriend and said, "hey honey... that's probably the richest person we'll ever meet in our lifetime. Enjoy!" other than a chance encounter at a golf tourny with Tiger it's probably true.
through golfsmith? can you explain?
hey fellas.. you realize... tiger lead the world in wins and money all the while chasing tail and having the cloud of his wife finding out hanging over his head... do you think he wont find relief not having to look over his shoulder any longer ?
who gives a piss what he does after he gets divorced? How would it be self destructive?
wait wait wait... I was with you until you said "no other athlete has dominated" and then preceeded to disparage Usain Bolt.Now granted you may have been living under a rock... But while Tiger is a pretty damn good golfer, Jack so far as achieved just as much if not more than Tiger. There's never been ANOTHER MEMBER OF OUR SPECIES as fast as Usain Bolt.At the 2009 World track and field championships in Berlin, Tyson Gay of the US ran a 9.71, the 3rd fastest time in the...
LOL I spy some Duct Tape!!!
that's because Tiger owes the public everything and as such we're privy to details you would otherwise think would be left to Tiger. He's our property, we made him, and he's responsible to us.......... :cough:
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