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yah ... i feel indefinite will be less than most imagine, it just sounds a bit more dramatic now in a situation where anyone hating Tiger is looking for an extreme consession.
not anymore
well i guess that ends the speculation
sigh.... he didnt quit at impact... he almost let go of the club before he even initiated the downswing it's a shoulder problem not a swing problem. ray couldnt see poop apparentally
titelist definitely. love their irons wedges and putters... and the 909 series drivers and woods are very nice. Bridgestone would be second Mizuno third.
the Bridgestone J36's are fantastic irons. I have nothing but good things to say about them.
yah the zx1 does do HD... that's what I'll be upgrading to as soon as I get the money... randomly that's the camera toney was using during BB.
lol swinging the club 1 handed has nothing to do with poor plane on the downswing...
TCU is absolutely a better team than Cincy... like was said Bama and TCU are the most complete teams in the country right now and have been the entire season. Cincy beat a VERY MEDIOCRE Pitt team who got beat by a moderate to decent WVU team and aBEYONED TERRIBLE NC State team (I went there so im allowed to be honest;))I think boise would definitely beat Cincy and i think TCU would beat FL... Bama is going to beat TX by 30.The Fiesta bowl is going to be by far the best...
this UK/UConn game is amazing...
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