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Kevin has one of the ugliest swings I've seen in a while... his follow through makes me want to vomit.
Tiger sucks in the wind except at pebble or st. andrews where he poop-stomps the rest of the known universe historically.... is that better?
I dont see how and Banging loose broads is in anyway mutually exclusive.
completely agree. In other news.... Kevin skates by again. Toney has shown a tendencey to break down at crucial times. I'm putting my money on Mike.
I'd argue he has played better post knee than pre....."Let the sleeping dog lie" Tiger didn't have much other than history pushing him last year, zero expectations and tiger pretty much just plugged along (albeit dominated compared to everyone else).A Tiger that lead the WORLD in wins, money, and world ranking points, with something to prove, is a scary thing.
i'd take the bet that either gipper or toney will win a pga tourney... I'm surprised ya'll bag on Toney's short game as much as you do... he's gotten up and down much more often than not on the show as far as I've seen. Kid can chip, when he gets more confidence with the putter he'll be dangerous.
too hurt others? ya'll are being a bit melo-dramatic... dont you think? true but i think if Gipper's shoulder is solid, he doesn't shank a ball into the water in his first match to gift wrap the finale for Erdman and put himself in that predicament.
poor gipp :( regardless of how you feel about him, you hate to see that happen to anyone it was almost definitely his shoulder that let Gipp down.
HAHAHA anyone find it histarical Erdman ••••ing skates by again? He might as well be the salvation army with the rate EVERYONE keeps just giving Kevin advancement....
def looks like a backstreet boy.
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