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i dont want to hear a single thing about what gipper just said, because he's absolutely right.... I'm thinking kevin takes this.
by being an insufferable twat... thankfully he's grown up a bit. the only club i've seen mikey play that didnt look adams was his 3w. His website says he hits a 909D3... but on the show he's absolutely driving a speedline.
c'mon people....
i hate having to wear my glasses while golfing... I'm getting lasiks in the spring. Not just because of golf but i definitely think it will help.
Love Ron Garl... This is a fabulous course. Grew up in the neighborhood as a kid and I play there a lot.Although it's definitely in Durham ;)
yah looks pretty dead... surprised you didnt get caught with no one else to hide your camera;)
you're joking correct... ?
thread is useless without pics...
it's a 2 hour 3 way finale. 1 eliminated next week. 1 the first hour of the week after and then they probably play a round during the second hour
USA got basically the best possible draw not in South Africa's group. Germany or Ghana in round two will be a tall order tho.
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