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very interesting ..
ditto i can mostly see impact with wedges and putter anything past that and no
hit a 8 iron on a 156 yard par 3 to 4" :x ... and knocked a 80 yard Gap wedge to less than 3 ft. rest of my day was pretty worthless.
Number 1 Goal : 1.) Lower my HC below 12 to gain admittance to NC States PGM program.
playing at Eagle Ridge lately http://www.playateagleridge.com/play...p?s_id=1517853 73.0/131 but i'll be switching to this beauty when i opens in a month or two http://www.lonniepoolegolfcourse.com...e-overview.asp 74.4/137 site of the '10 Jimmy V Classic
many pros now use cavity irons and game improvement 900 cc ultra drivers to assist their games... pro's in Jack's era used driver heads 3-5inches wide and ALL used bladed irons.. jack, tho i do love tiger
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