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please, listen to Sir Charles
um ... ok?and you couldnt have possibly really thought he said "beast from the skies"... i refuse to believe it.
^ he played NCAA golf -until- he got kicked off the team for being a distraction, immature, physically violent towards his teammates during matches, and acting in a way unbecoming a student athlete. He hardly used his time at Duke to prepare him for the next level.
hehe play nice.
I love Gipper's attitude. I wish more people had it. I can't recall ... but what's the price they get for second place in Big Break again? In the grand scheme of things getting eliminated 2nd 8th and 11th all get the exact same amount of money. I mean i guess you could continuously try and duck the best players and sneak by as long as you could but you're going to have to play them sometime. and I agree about kevin, I feel like under normal circumstances he's...
first par 5 : 530
he got in a ••••ing car accident, really everyone is affronted that he decided not to play some golf on doctors advice? perspective... please.
i second the "why are you choked down to the metal" comment? not picking or making fun, just curious.
have you really never thought he might -want- to do those things? Ashit ton of famous people enjoy doing "normal people" shit some of the time,Being holed up in the mansion so they can avoid getting wayleighed by the public gets old after a while.
^^ synopsis please. hell will freeze over before I watch a 50 minute video on youtube...
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