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or he could have just wanted to get out of the house and be a normal ••••ing person for once. 2:30 in the morning is about the only time he's not garunteed to be mobed if he goes somewhere by himself. maybe he was going to a late night showing of Rocky Horror...? He could be a good Riff Raff
1000 dollars is a lot of range time...
nope, if you see his episode on "playing lessons with the pros" he tells the Dimondbacks 3rd baseman to stop extending the right leg in the backswing, and to try and maintain as much right knee flexion as possible. because it's ruining the accurate hip turn angle, or so he says. frankly I was astounded by quite a bit of his advice so to each his own. I just shook my head honestly.
especially since almost every pre nup on the planet is voided if the money winner is the one doing the cheating. She can bounce with 500 million dollars tomorrow if he was banging that rachel broad. I still dont think this is what happened none the less.
buwahahaha chez revie just said that straightening the right leg was the "kiss of death" to any good swing. Interesting
try youtube
absolutely miserable day .... 43-45 all day and about 18-20mph winds. shot a +3 39 on the back nine.... stripping the 3 wood off the tee on a realitively short course (only playing 6600) SHOT A ••••ING +15 on the front nine to finish with a +18 90..... FIFTEEN. FML
if freddy couples can hit my irons and phil can game my 3wood im sure tiger would do fine with my set. ball and putter would be the biggest adjustments
Wi is playing pretty fantastic at the World Cup... sticking approaches left and right from what i've seen.
love water ranges, and the one near my house has very accurate yardages given the difference in the balls.
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