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Croup is never fun :( not terribly life threatening, but it's bleeping scary to hear a baby bark like a seal.. I'm not sure if me being a paramedic is going to be good or bad for my children haha.
If I swung like Charlie Wi or Mike Bennett, Id be an extremely happy man.
see it's opposite for me. I love listening to Disturbed or AC/DC or In Flames while hitting on the range. One it's super high energy so it gets me excited about playing and 2 I can't be lazy about my tempo. With humans tendency to mold to their environment, i have to focus on keeping my tempo while listening to very fast or agressive music. Works really well for me.
definintely +1 for the book.
well come on dont be thick It's just like your mom when you were a kid. Sure you cursed the day she was born when you were disiplined, but you'd rip someones throat out if they called your mom an unsavory name.I ALWAYS want to beat my brother, but I'll be damned if anyone else is going to.
^ agreed...
a bit much is being made of Gipper wanting his brother to stay on the show i feel... lets have some perspective, it is his brother.
sigh... I still love Daly. his top 10 headlines came on again and made me think of it. Like was said before, I feel like John would give you the shirt off his back... and then take you to play golf haha. It's hard to say a multiple major winner "pissed his talent away," but there's no questioning he should have done more.
Next should be Kevin, I have no problems with Mike.
I'm pretty sure they are Kodak Zi8's since Kodak is a sponsor for the show. Kodak's new mini camcorder. Tony was definitely using one to video tape himself warming up.
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