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I think it was 488 ? Tony hit his drive 310 (the one that was 50 past mike where mike was humping his leg) and had 177 in.
I can't speak for him obviously, but since you already have a "traditional swing" I can only assume the commitment you'd need to make would be the commitment to change to a new swing. Now if you're willing to do that (it really doesn't take that long), I dont see why you wouldnt
that made my evening ... honestly hahaha. well played.maybe you're right. I guess it's just a different mindset, In a competition where there's no points for second place, I'd attack best players (within reason obviously, frequently descretion is the better part of valor) because logically if I'm the best... I'll beat them, and if they're better than me maybe i'll get lucky, but either way going out second is the same as going out second to last.I can absolutely see the...
are you fellows just really not that competitive? If im trying to win something I absolutely want the best players out the fastest. Why would you want to just leave Andrew alone to gain comfort and confidence? They're absolutely right for trying to put as much pressure as possible on Andrew. If Tony beats Andrew and AG chokes in elimination then Tony is a giant-slayer and he's eliminated his (in my opinion, other than gipper) stiffest competition left. you kids...
haha yah everyones going to really enjoy playing 14 in later episodes with a hunk missing from the center. and the reverse jinx pulls through, the side pocket putt by tony made me miss a beat.
you jinxed tony .... you bad man
dont speak so soon ... tony could choke away his spot with 1 bad shot. I jinxed vince last weekend, dont do it to tony
Erdman may have the ugliest swing i've seen in a very long timel.
if anything with the right leg extension during the backswing it allows the "average unflexable" golfer a -Massive- advantage in hip turn. Stack and Tilt makes it easier to coil. When the right leg extends it allows the hips to rotate ~45 degrees or greater. If a golfer can manage a 45 degree shoulder turn it will turn into a full 90 degree shoulder turn from adress due to the shoulder and hip turn together. If you can rotate 45 degrees you have more than enough...
i think as with everyone our misses vary. For instance currently my miss is a Push. I always have the exact same initial trajectory which tells me that I'm being very consistant with my face angle at impact. The reason I'm having trouble with the push is because I'm struggling a little bit getting the feel of the Hip thrust. I'm not getting "forward" enough and I'm hitting a push instead of a push draw.
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