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Fantasic, only brought from them once, but would defanityly buy from them again if i needed anything. I was very scard at the start when i orderded but everything was fine, recived my item in 3 dyas. (i live in AUS) I rate them very high! Recomended!
Just brought some Nike One Platinum golf balls to try them out after i read this fantastic review about them, i just changed in the last few months to the Pro v because of my 125 MPH swing speed (just wondering if these will still work very well at this swing speed, as some golf balls don't), has anybody played these and had good results or maybe quite the oppisite. Please let me no, thanx. By the way, I am playing tomorrow but just want to how others have gorne with...
Hi, ive played both and i would say Nike One Tour anyday, also if you want another really good ball i would try the bridge stone B330 s tours (i think thats what they are called) Brought a pack yesterday and went and tried them today.......all i can say is amazing!
Thanks for the help!
The difference is that the TP version has a MUCH better shaft and is also 2 degrees open, have played both and brought the TP version! If i had my time again though, the TP is not worth the extra the money, IMO get the Normal Burner and then get it reshafted to the shaft that works for you.
Thanks for the help! Just ordered a Nike SQ 5000, can't wait till it gets here, let you all no how it goes!!!!! Thanx again!
I love nike and Hogan!!!!!!! I hope to become brand loyal one day, but for now it's what works
Thats great! When i was 14 i was driving a little longer then that but not as acurate. You will be amazed how long you will hit it in another year or 2, when i was 14 i was driving around 230 and now around 290 but i do swing alot harder now (117-119 MPH) btw im 15, you will improve heaps!!! Keep up the good work! I still dont hit as many fairways as you though....
Hi, im looking at buying a new driver in the next and wondering how much better is the nike dymo (round head) to the sq 5000. Im not consernd with sound or looks, just proformence wise..... Eg: is the Dymo much futher or straighter then the sq 5000? All help is very well apricated! Thank ....Brad
Hi, i was just wondering if http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/ was legit or not.....Please dont post unless 100% sure.... I am looking at buying a nike sq 5000, but want to make sure its going to be real before i buy. Thanx! ....Brad
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