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I hear you.  I snapped a shaft on a Ping G20 and felt the same way.  I couldn't wait for a repair so I picked up a G25, WOW.  Big difference on center hits and off center hits picked up distance on both.  The question becomes what is 7 yards to you?  In many instances it would be a club.  That would effect scoring over the long haul so definitely worth checking out.  When you revisit it if you don't find the distance holds up I would hold tight for sure.
The 913's are about to go on sale maybe it is time to pick up that 7 yards?
Why would dispersion be better with a blade?
I Shot a 84 last Sunday, feeling good about that I'll take that all day. This morning I went out early and had 7 pars and a birdie.  That should add up to a good score but I managed a 90, 90! I seem to put together fun rounds like 40-50 and crap like that.   Today I had some loose swings with hybrids on a very unforgiving course and it did me in.  On one hole I put a drive deep in the crap and the second was not much better.  From then on I pounded great drives.   I...
You play the driver in the middle of your stance? I think it would be impossible to hit up with a driver from there. I think you are hitting down and spin is driving it high. Does the ball roll out or stop.
I played a Ping 20, recently switched to a Ping G25.  A driver is about distance, I want long and forgiving.  Both of those drivers are long and very forgiving.    My bad shots with those drivers are still OK.  My good shots are the longest I have hit in my life.  I say why would you not want the most forgiving driver you can get?  If you are looking to hit a target hit the 3 wood.   This is like the 16 handicap wanting to play blades?
I would agree that you are likely hitting down with the woods.  What is your launch angle and spin with driver?  What is your driver ball flight?
I had the same problem and I bought Adam's DHY Hybrids.  More friendly than Irons not as forgiving as GI hybrids. I got 18 (2) 21 (3) and 24 (4) they happen to fit my gaps well.
I have battled poor weight transfer.  My weight transfer swing thought is to roll to the ball of my back foot starting on the downswing. For me, if I do that it causes the hips to begin to open and the weight to shift.     If I do that it works out well for me and the bottom of my swing moves forward.
I would spend the money on additional lessons and Greens fees.  Those clubs will not hold you back.  The same logic could be applied to the G25 driver.   Did you ever hear the expression it is the Indian not the arrow.  By the way if the Indian keeps changing bows and Arrows the Indian will go hungry. 
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