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Do you really want a bounce of 7 on a 60 degree wedge?  I like a lot of bounce on my 60.  Makes it much more forgiving and usable out of the sand.  Of course my handicap vs yours might explain my preference.
This is a bad green.  The greens in Michigan got hammered this winter. Many clubs in the area "lost" their greens.  This is Warwick Hills.    
On 5 foot or less I don't look. It keeps me from moving my head.
I hit my long irons fairly well.  I have tried hybrids of several flavors over the years and not been able to find one that doesn't tend to hook a lot.  I was considering putting my 2 iron back in the bag and someone suggested I try some of the new driving irons.   I went to a great local big golf shop and demo'd  A Ping Rapture, a Callaway X Utility and Adams Pro DHy Hybrid.  I liked the Adams Pro DHy hybrid the best that day.  I was considering going back and getting...
What launch monitor were you using?
I just picked up a Titilest 14 slot carry bag. I am looking forward to trying it out. I do not like less than 14 for sure.
I was a devoted Foortjoy guy I tried a pair of Tiger Woods golf shoes and it is the best shoe I have ever had. It functions the best and is super comfortable. I now have 2 pairs. Once in a while I wear my dryjoys, no comparison. I do recognize that they are not the best looking but the comfort and function out weigh the ugly.
I had not fully dialed in the new swing but decided to stop making changes and go with what I had in the spring.  I had a great summer, best golf year ever but was inconsistent.  Great driver day bad irons, putting fool, no touch around the greens, typical stuff.    The last few weeks of the season I started to try the changes I planned to make and it worked out pretty well.  Technically I am pretty good.  I give away my lag around 4" too early and my weight shift it not...
I had a very good experience with Rotary swing.  I have been around for years and will continue to be.  I am not going to go on and on because it would be disrespectful to this site but I liked that is supplied the complete swing theory from beginning to end with lots of drills.  It explains the same thing several ways so one is likely to resonate with you.   I worked on my swing over the winter and came away with a completely different swing then my previous obviously...
I have the i10 driver.  Love it very forgiving and long as any out there.
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