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Well lesson learned, hard lesson learned.
I played in a member guest this weekend and my partner hit into some tall green heather.  There was no where within 2 club lengths that would be relief.  Did he have the option of taking a stroke and going back to where he played the ball from originally?   The 12 he took on the hole took us out of contention.  The sad thing is the shot that got him there was no really that bad it just landed in a bad spot.
I am always confused by the handicap / driver distance relationship. If I could hit it over 300 it would be difficult for m to have a high handicap. Now if it is long and wrong I get it.   I did play with a guy that could hit it 300 for sure.  It was in a invite tournament.  I think he hit one fairway and it was impressive.  For the most part his drives were never seen again. 
In bright sun the 5s is pretty good for swing video at 60 fps.  I have a Casio that does 240 and you can control the shutter speed. I wonder how the Iphone does in poor light?  I take most of my video inside in the winter which can be a tall order.
I personally don't get the Apple Watch, but they created a lot of segments so maybe I will get it in the future.   I did order an iPhone 6 today.  I dropped my current phone coming out of the men's grill one night and the screen has been messed up since.  I was biding my time for the new model to come out.
I guess it is grip pressure. Interesting what you "think" and what it means.
Newbie poster?  I have been laying in wait since 2009 posting 800+ times to promote the Apple watch.............
Game golf is interesting for sure.  There is a bit of a disconnect in that does not give distances like it might.  That could be because the distances are calculated on the web site afterward so the devise is dumb and just records club and coordinates.   But if that was not true and it did have distances and could display them on a smart watch it would be a pretty good combination. 
I think the G25 is a good choice.  Long and forgiving.  If you had a 15 year old driver you might be in for a pleasant surprise. 
I also have tempo problems.  Sometimes I can get in sync not by thinking swing slow but by making my only swing thought to keep my hands and forearms supple.  Fast tempo (for me) means I am ripping at the ball, supple forearms gets me slowed down.  
New Posts  All Forums: