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Yikes they are pricey. The "cheap" one is $950.
For me it is all about path.  Try and come way inside on the range until you hook the ball.  The ball should start right (if you are a righty).  Then back off the inside path until you find a draw.   With that said, if you are an 8 index and the fade and distance are predictable why go for a draw with irons.  It is all about accuracy. If you are trying to bend it around a tree that is another story.   I think distance with the driver is King and I would try to figure...
I did read the book and for the most part I aim for the middle or away from big trouble.  But, from 100 to 60 I will think about going for the pin.  Some days that partial wedge swing is scary accurate for distance and direction.  If it is one of those days I am usually shooting for the pin and getting great results.
I like the quickie pitching video.  Very simple, very effective.  Enables you to learn to use the bounce of the club.
For most players that is true.  I have a very difficult time reading the speed of the fringe or fairway.  I play with a guy regularly who putts from way off the green and has success with it.One of my favorite shots is a chip, with or without spin.  If asked to explain my success I couldn't and truthfully I don't want to think about it too much because if I did I'd probably screw it up.Safe to say given the choice of a long putt off the green or a chip,  I am chipping.
I am still using full blown Aimpoint and I am comfortable and fast with it.  Is there a point to looking at Aimpoint Express?
I suspect the longer clubs have more offset, its purpose is to cure a slice!  Its working for you.  Pro models tend to have less offset.
I have one partial wedge swing right now and it is more of a 3/4 swing.  It can be very accurate if executed correctly.  I dialed it in over the winter on the monitor into a net.  I take the 3/4 Shot all the way to 8 iron.  It is a good thing to have in the bag on a windy day.  The shots are flighted down from my normal trajectory and spin less so the wind effects them less.   Being there is one alternative yardage to each club I have not put labels on the clubs.  Erik...
I pre-ordered a Skycaddie touch "trade in" So I would send in my SGXw and get the new one for $200.   I got the unit and overall it seems pretty cool.  I did not actually play with it but I did notice it takes a long time to boot up which is a problem if you try to boot it at the first tee.     The only actual functionality "upgrade" over the SGXw is you can update or send your scores to their website over Bluetooth.  The wifi portion of the SGXw, is awesome because...
Well lesson learned, hard lesson learned.
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