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I had the same problem and I bought Adam's DHY Hybrids.  More friendly than Irons not as forgiving as GI hybrids. I got 18 (2) 21 (3) and 24 (4) they happen to fit my gaps well.
I have battled poor weight transfer.  My weight transfer swing thought is to roll to the ball of my back foot starting on the downswing. For me, if I do that it causes the hips to begin to open and the weight to shift.     If I do that it works out well for me and the bottom of my swing moves forward.
I would spend the money on additional lessons and Greens fees.  Those clubs will not hold you back.  The same logic could be applied to the G25 driver.   Did you ever hear the expression it is the Indian not the arrow.  By the way if the Indian keeps changing bows and Arrows the Indian will go hungry. 
I use Gripmaster leather grips.  My hands sweat a lot.  With these I do not wear a glove (only sometimes when it is cold).  They are very tacky.  When they become less tacky you rub them down with a wet towel and dry them and they become super tacky again instantly.    They appear to be expensive but when you start doing the math they are not.   I bought these grips when they were on sale in 2011 and they came in at $15 each. or 13 clubs x $15 = $195.  I still use...
It is a hard concept but club head speed is very dependent on release. Release is a horrible term in my opinion. I think of it as getting the handle to my back thigh when the club is parallel to the ground. Then as the handle moves 6" forward the club moves 3 feet. That generates big speed. Get some video I'll bet you see that the lag, club head lagging behind the handle is long gone by the time the handle gets to your back thigh. The feeling to me is driving the...
With the launch of the Ping G30 the inventory of the G25 is sure to go on sale.  It is on sale right now for $299 I am sure it will be $199 shortly.   I snapped the shaft of my Ping G20 driver and did not have time to get it repaired so I picked up a Ping G25 driver, I was feeling the upgrade.  The G20 was the best driver I ever had, loved it long and forgiving.  You could have shots you knew you hit poorly and it still kept the ball in play and the distance was...
I am a fan of the Ping Hybrids because they are easy to hit and forgiving.  Forgiving is the key phrase.  At least give them a swing.  They just came out with the G30 series which means the G25 stuff is going to go on sale very soon.
I am not expert but I used to hit my share of slices.  Funny thing is now I battle a hook.   First think of the back of your front hand as the club face.  Where it is pointing at impact determines where the ball is going to go. Second I agree that the club face looks wide open which would cause what you are experiencing. Third if you are battling a slice I'd like to see your hands a little closer to your body at impact which would cause a more in to out path.   Go...
I am going to guess you are flipping, early release makes for slower club head speed.  It also will give you towering drives that go nowhere. I would definitely get lessons not equipment.  I hit 6 irons in the 170 range and driver in the 240-280 range depending on the strike. Two years ago I hit the ball you are describing.  No lag, all flip.  All technique. 
Wait a bit and get a G25 when the G30 hits  they will probably be 199.
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