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You're supposed to do the same thing in pool, the other sport I play, by staring at the object ball instead of the cue ball. It has to do with trusting your stroke there, and I assume the same in golf. I'm a lot better at pool than I am at golf and I still can't do it.
Gah, what a dunderhead mistake I made. I just did a search for him real quick to get a picture. I thought the one on the right was him with a shaved mustache. My bad.
Exactly. The way I determine if the ball matters to me is I ask myself this question:"Can I afford to lose a dozen of them in the water, over the fence, out of bounds etc?"I usually buy the 2 dozen refurbished for 20 bucks or 15 top flites for 10 bucks.
Leave the flag in, angle it slightly and yank it out quickly. The flip your ball up with your putter and catch it in your shirt pocket. You can scream "Booya" every time if you want to look extra cool. Of course there may be ants clinging to the ball.
That's good to know. It didn't strike me as something he would do, but I wasn't really paying attention at the end to remember it. I know a lot of people that hate him simply because of the color of his skin, but he's never given me a reason to not like him. So I'll keep on.
I read in one article bashing him that he didn't shake Yangs hand after the match and he left the press conference really early. Is that true?
Wow I can't believe noone mentioned "The Walrus". Of course now he looks more like John Goodman.
I don't think it's a common courtesy thing as far as whoever is winning. I think he just does it because he knows the crowd is going to roar like crazy after he does anything. It's not really fair to make your partner putt during that kind of noise.
I eat single digits for breakfast...three of 'em! Not that it matters but I feel it would be 9 or less.
I couldn't find any other threads on the subject but I thought it was an interesting change. I only caught a few snippets on Sunday, but from what I could gather he was basically staring at the hole while he putted. It seemed to work out pretty good for him, considering how he's been putting lately.
New Posts  All Forums: