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Great advice! Can't be afraid to execute shots out there. I need to apply this to my own game more often...
When I start slicing, it's usually because I am bringing up the club too high (for me) in my swing. I bring the club back flatter (think Kuchar) and for some reason that gets my swing back  on track. 
 Unfortunately it is not. I have hit numerous Ping putters including a bunch of old ones and have yet to find one that actually makes a "ping" noise!
Like some have said, my strengths and weaknesses slowly change... Lately, my driving has been my biggest strength. I hit it pretty long and pretty straight, with a few big hooks or slices a round when my tempo gets too fast or slow. My biggest weakness is short iron shots. Too often I push or pull them, or just line myself up wrong, and I'm too far from the pin for a reasonable chance at birdie (or par). 
I have been shooting the best scores of my life so far this year (broke 80 three times in March!) with this bag:               Ping G20 10.5 stock reg. Taylormade Rescue 11 16 set at 16.5 stock stiff Ping G2 HL 3-5 irons stock reg steel  Ping G2 6-U stock reg steel Ping iWedge 56 Ping Anser 3 putter (was my Dad's old putter)
A scorecard from playing with my Dad a few years back on a golf vacation. We both had the exact same score, 86, and really enjoyed the course. My Dad was a big reason I got into golf in the first place, and now it is one of the major things we have in common. I'm not really a "momento" kind of guy, but I'll always keep that scorecard. 
I find choking down 2 inches on my driver makes a world of difference, both in making better contact and avoiding unwanted side spin. 
One of the really nice things about just starting is you will see rapid improvement with practice, which motivates you to practice even more. All of us started out terrible at golf, and many of us started playing as adults (I did). You can definitely learn it and get better, just try to remember the good shots, and not get discouraged! You will get better, I promise!
I think that it's a legitimate question even for lower handicap players. I think ultimately playing with equipment you like and "feels" right can be just as important as fit.    After playing for a few years and trying different irons and drivers, I can tell what stiffness shafts feel right in my swing or if the lie angle on a set of irons are right for me. And quite frankly, even when I play with a set of irons that don't fit me right or a stiffer or looser-shafted...
You know, for me the experience has been the other way around. When I started golfing (in my early 20's) I would just kill it, but had no control whatsoever over the ball flight. As time went on, I kept on dialing back on my swing until I had it under control. Now, I can't swing as hard as I used to even if I try (in my late 20's now). I even look back at some of my previous posts when I first joined this site (2009), talking about my typical iron distances, and can't...
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