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In my experience, the main difference is the ball flies slightly lower with stiffer shafts and rolls out more. I also find the feel a bit rougher with stiff steel shafts. 
Like most of us, time is the biggest problem. Other than that, I need to do a better job taking advantage of my good drives and put the ball on the green from 150 and in more often. My scores are pretty much a function of how many GIR's I hit that day. 
Totally agree. The biggest difference between when I averaged in the 90s versus now comes down to knowing where my ball is going to go when I hit it. I also think the short game (chips and pitches) are similar to the full swing, so improving my full swing has helped my short game as well.  Getting there for me has simply come down to practicing and playing more often. I have seen some pretty ugly swings result in low 80's scores. Maybe to get down consistently in the 70s...
Great advice! Can't be afraid to execute shots out there. I need to apply this to my own game more often...
When I start slicing, it's usually because I am bringing up the club too high (for me) in my swing. I bring the club back flatter (think Kuchar) and for some reason that gets my swing back  on track. 
 Unfortunately it is not. I have hit numerous Ping putters including a bunch of old ones and have yet to find one that actually makes a "ping" noise!
Like some have said, my strengths and weaknesses slowly change... Lately, my driving has been my biggest strength. I hit it pretty long and pretty straight, with a few big hooks or slices a round when my tempo gets too fast or slow. My biggest weakness is short iron shots. Too often I push or pull them, or just line myself up wrong, and I'm too far from the pin for a reasonable chance at birdie (or par). 
I have been shooting the best scores of my life so far this year (broke 80 three times in March!) with this bag:               Ping G20 10.5 stock reg. Taylormade Rescue 11 16 set at 16.5 stock stiff Ping G2 HL 3-5 irons stock reg steel  Ping G2 6-U stock reg steel Ping iWedge 56 Ping Anser 3 putter (was my Dad's old putter)
A scorecard from playing with my Dad a few years back on a golf vacation. We both had the exact same score, 86, and really enjoyed the course. My Dad was a big reason I got into golf in the first place, and now it is one of the major things we have in common. I'm not really a "momento" kind of guy, but I'll always keep that scorecard. 
I find choking down 2 inches on my driver makes a world of difference, both in making better contact and avoiding unwanted side spin. 
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