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I shot a 42 the other day with 21 putts.  And while I'm not a great putter normally, I'm not a terrible one either.  It was a combination of the dry winter/spring leading to much faster greens and leaving myself on the wrong part of the green too many times.    In a lot of ways, on fast, undulating greens luck plays a huge factor in determining how many putts you are going to take; wrong side yourself a bunch, you will end up with a lot of 3 putts.  Finish on the right...
My personal experiences are at least as relevant as the ridiculous speculation that was the start of this thread.  I have very fast hips, and I hit more than enough buckets of balls to know whether or not it really contributes to injuries. It does not.
I am 51 now, have extremely fast hips, have always had a good back, and have never suffered a golf-related injury.  I don't think fast hips has anything to do with it
Bought several things from RBG as well, very happy with the experience.
I would never shake hands, that is too gross. Instead I insist we all pull our pants down and have a quick sword-fight!
Just looked at Spieth's scores for the year.  Only two rounds over 72 all year.  I wouldn't pin too much hope on a collapse from him.  
It wouldn't have been so bad if you hit her with just the ball and not the club! (I kid, I kid.)
I love how people totally misconstrue what I say.  Rickie did have 1 very good year.  And has a grand total of 2 wins.  In his 6 years on tour.  That doesn't negate anything I said.
Rickie was hyped for the same reason Adam Scott, Charles Howell, and Aaron Baddely were hyped; he was a young, handsome, hardbody that the powers-that-be wanted to be good.  It was never so much about golf ability as it was looks.
No, since there is no proof of that yet.  Get back to me when has has 3 or 4 full tournaments under his belt.
New Posts  All Forums: