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I wish I knew what people saw in the Dunes Club, it is just a "meh" course to me. But others seem to like it a lot, so don't necessarily go by me. My favorites are: Caledonia Heritage River's Edge Glen Dornoch TPC Heather Glen Tidewater Tiger's Eye Grande Dunes You also can't go wrong with any of the Barefoot, Legends or Cats courses.
I shot a 42 the other day with 21 putts.  And while I'm not a great putter normally, I'm not a terrible one either.  It was a combination of the dry winter/spring leading to much faster greens and leaving myself on the wrong part of the green too many times.    In a lot of ways, on fast, undulating greens luck plays a huge factor in determining how many putts you are going to take; wrong side yourself a bunch, you will end up with a lot of 3 putts.  Finish on the right...
My personal experiences are at least as relevant as the ridiculous speculation that was the start of this thread.  I have very fast hips, and I hit more than enough buckets of balls to know whether or not it really contributes to injuries. It does not.
I am 51 now, have extremely fast hips, have always had a good back, and have never suffered a golf-related injury.  I don't think fast hips has anything to do with it
Bought several things from RBG as well, very happy with the experience.
I would never shake hands, that is too gross. Instead I insist we all pull our pants down and have a quick sword-fight!
Just looked at Spieth's scores for the year.  Only two rounds over 72 all year.  I wouldn't pin too much hope on a collapse from him.  
It wouldn't have been so bad if you hit her with just the ball and not the club! (I kid, I kid.)
I love how people totally misconstrue what I say.  Rickie did have 1 very good year.  And has a grand total of 2 wins.  In his 6 years on tour.  That doesn't negate anything I said.
Rickie was hyped for the same reason Adam Scott, Charles Howell, and Aaron Baddely were hyped; he was a young, handsome, hardbody that the powers-that-be wanted to be good.  It was never so much about golf ability as it was looks.
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