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  My friend and I will have our 20th trip to Myrtle Beach this coming fall, so we've pretty much played them all.  (At least any you'd want to play.)   I would skip Wicked Stick, pretty boring course.  Oddly enough seemed to play really short, which ran counter to the whole John Daly "grip it and rip it" theme.   Wachesaw and Litchfield are pleasant enough and a good value, but won't blow you away.   Tidewater has 3 or 4 of the most stunning holes in the whole...
  My vote would be for the Highlands course at Hampton Cove, in Huntsville, AL.  Part of the RTJ Golf Trail.  Beautiful course but brutal at times.
Off the top of my head, TPC, Tiger's Eye, Glen Dornoch, Heritage, River's Edge, Heather Glen, Tidewater, Wild Wing, a couple of the Barefoot courses are better than the Dunes. I never claimed Caledonia is the best in the country, just by far the best I've ever played.  I've only played a handful of the top-rated courses in the country.
I've played    Pumpkin ridge - Good, but I've played many better courses   Harvester - Awesome course, cheap.   The Dunes - Overrated. At least 10 other courses in the Myrtle beach area alone I'd rate higher.   TPC Myrtle Beach -Excellent, one of the best in Myrtle Beach   Caledonia Gold and Fish club - Should be number one course in the country.  Gorgeous drive into course, historic plantation clubhouse, 17 beautiful, distinct holes. Best finishing hole I've...
 Let me guess, was that course Farmstead?  Judging by your list I'd say you live in Philadelphia and took a trip or 2 to Myrtle Beach?  Am I close?
I would ask myself 2 questions to determine if I needed to add a 60 degree wedge: 1. Do I have frequently find myself with partial sand-wedge shots (40-60 yards) and do I have trouble taking the right amount off these shots to get the correct distance? 2. Do I often find myself with pitch shots where I have little green to work with and can't get enough height on the shot with my send wedge? If you didn't answer yes to at least one of those questions, you probably...
Tiger near the bottom ensures that we won't be forced to watch every grimace, scowl, wince, flinch, whine and cheat that comes out of him. I consider that a win for everyone. ;-D
Tiger's not a good wind player, so if the winds are up he's got little chance.  If it's calm his chances are good, although I wouldn't pick him as the favorite.  Look for someone like a Graeme DeLaet or Matteo Manassero to win.
I've used GPS and laser Rangefinders, and here is my take:   GPS:   These mostly work well, but don't give you exact yardage to the pin.  Fine for longer clubs, but almost useless under 100 yards.  The advantages are the fact you don't need line-of-site, and the advanced ones can give you yardages to water hazards, bunkers, etc.  Also they are now small enough to be put into a wristwatch size.  They have one HUGE problem, though.  About once every couple of...
I've played the Gamers, and one of the things I noticed was that my long shots seemed to produce an exaggerated amount of sidespin. I'll second the Srixon AD333 recommendation earlier. You owe it to yourself to at least give these a try.
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