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Just looked at Spieth's scores for the year.  Only two rounds over 72 all year.  I wouldn't pin too much hope on a collapse from him.  
It wouldn't have been so bad if you hit her with just the ball and not the club! (I kid, I kid.)
I love how people totally misconstrue what I say.  Rickie did have 1 very good year.  And has a grand total of 2 wins.  In his 6 years on tour.  That doesn't negate anything I said.
Rickie was hyped for the same reason Adam Scott, Charles Howell, and Aaron Baddely were hyped; he was a young, handsome, hardbody that the powers-that-be wanted to be good.  It was never so much about golf ability as it was looks.
No, since there is no proof of that yet.  Get back to me when has has 3 or 4 full tournaments under his belt.
Actually I'm not certainI'm not certain of that, I overheard it somewhere and I could have heard it wrong!
Something to remember here, Tiger fans.  According to something I heard somewhere, no-one has ever won the Masters after being more than 4 shots off the lead the first day.  
If I win I'll choose the gray Undersize Pro to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage.   My predictions:   Billy Horschel -9 Zach Johnson -10 Bernd Weisberger -11  
So I thought I'd chime in and give my SLDR story.  I just last week finished up a golf trip to Myrtle Beach (21 years and counting!)  Tefore the trip I visited a couple of local golf stores to try out a few things; mainly wanted to try the Nike VR and Cobra BioCell drivers, plus anything else that struck my fancy.  Long story short, both shops were hell-bent on trying to push the SLDR on me, so I tried it out at both places.  I didn't like the feel at all, and had poor...
IMHO Ben Hogan was the greatest golfer of all-time, and it's not even close.  In his prime he was every bit as dominant at Tiger, against unbelievably tough competition in Snead and Nelson, and later Palmer and Nicklaus, without being born with the physical talents of a Woods, Nicklaus, Snead or Nelson.  Became the greatest golfer of all-time by sheer force of will, and relentless determination.  Then at the height of career he is nearly killed in a bus crash, spent 59...
New Posts  All Forums: