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Not sure? Found it on another forum and thought it was a great visual.
Thank you! That is what I have been waiting for, "how strong is strong"? I'm sorry to have went through all the back and forth but no one was saying it... How strong is strong. 1/2 knuckle, or 3 knuckles. But you are right, and it made for some interesting reading, since the number of people looking at the post jumped alot. It's not that I like to be dificult, it's just I don't want to just give the answer away, what fun is that! Now everyone has done all this...
I found this on another forum, maybe it will help.
The left "V " is pointing at the right shoulder, and the right " V " is at the chin. He used the weak right grip to control the face from closing. All he said about the left hand is he made the thumb shorter, but he said he put the right on like he was holing a gun.
Arnold Palmer and Gary Player both did it, I think it was described as really getting through with your left side..LoL
Neutral grips don't put an arch in the left wrist, you can see plain as day that Hogan left hand was stronger and he weakend the right. There are many people out there that have thought that for years but with new videos and photos you can see it. As for Tiger he is not neutral, Anthony Kim is neutral but Tiger likes to see 2 1/2 knuckles which is not nutral. Got to come up with somthing better than Tigers grip is as close to neutal as it gets
"ALL OF THESE PLAYERS AND MANY MORE HAVE A STRONGER LEFT HAND"!!! The right hand just dictates control of the face.David Duval - 2009 US Open Sectionalhttp://www.davidduval.org/images/Duval%20-%20Driver.aviTom Lehman Lee Trevino - Interview Jim Furyk Sergio Garcia Tiger Woods Ben Hogan Moe Norman
Best of luck to you! I have seen to many guys out on tours that were great players and turned into perfectionist, and are no longer in tournament golf. Many of them say they should have just played with what they had but thought they needed the best to be the best. Tiger does not strive for perfection Tiger strives for repeatabilty. Text book Perfect moves and The most beautiful swing ain't gonna get you out on tour, its gonna make you a head case. Like I said best of...
Sorry if I miss-understood you then, usaly when someone starts talking about others English, one would take it as that way. As for what I was saying about focus thats the way that I go about it, of course I zone in to a smaller area but hitting chips to your friend back and forth either hardly miss and its fun, as for the range cart do you miss it by a lot or just a little? Its all about making it fun, been there done the stuck up im trying to focus don't talk to me...
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