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Google "closeout grips".. don't pay someone to put your grips on.. there is info on the internet on how to regrip your clubs.. You can find good grips for $1.00 a grip.. just go to a golf shop and feel different grips and then search the net for those grips.. You can regrip all your clubs for 25 bucks, whereas it may cost $100 to get it done by a pro.. I've been wanting to try this but haven't yet.. my uncle puts tennis grips on a few of his clubs.. They feel a lot like...
I'd say now would be a good time to buy a little Adams Golf stock.. Lets not forget Bernard Langard in the Champions Tour.. He is absolutely killing everyone with mostly Adams clubs.. Kudo's for Adams Golf for venturing out in the land of the forged and apparently doing quite well. Always wondered why Ping hasn't tried out making a line of forged cluibs?
Hey Happy Hacker.. I'm sure you're going to get a hundred responses from people telling you about what they love but I'll tell you what I did because I've recently went through this same situation. Find a demo day and try em all.. I think what you will find is most clubs are extremely simliar in the way they feel.. Ok for you naysayers out there blades and GI irons will feel different but if you're swinging apples to apples and oranges to oranges I don't think you're...
I'm having trouble with too much draw on my irons mostly, although I am also doing it with my driver and 3 wood sometimes turning it into a hook. I read some articles about drawing the ball so I thought "hey I should try that".. and now I can't STOP it!! I really would not mind this draw so much if it would do it all the time.. It really is a pretty shot..10 yards to the left of the green! Sometimes I hit the ball straight as can be, although I would say 30-40% of the...
I can certainly appreciate Jack's greatness, considering the lack of technology when he played, although Tiger Woods' work ethic has got to be the greatest ever.. That is what makes him "unbelievable".. sometimes!
I've been a recruiter for the Army National Guard for the last 6 years. Anyone that has been a military recruiter can appreciate my next statement.. I am very happily OUT of recruiting and going back to college!
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