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Thank you.  Anyone who is offended by words needs to grow a backbone.     "There are no bad words. There are bad feelings and bad intentions but the words, themselves are neutral."  ~George Carlin~
When is Haney going to teach Phelps some fundamentals like how to properly take the club back. Phelps first move is to roll his wrists. He fully opens the club face in less than a foot of club head travel.  All he tells him is speed up!!  WTF kind of instruction is that?
I'd be going freakin nuts with these snails ahead of him. It has got to be affecting his play.
cbs.sportsline.com   click on "watch live"
Yup. Even when he plays at 70-80%, he's still better than everyone else.
Yeah, you would think right?  Only problem was those 6 footers on the practice green had no break.
Just my personal experience with a long putter.   About 2 years ago, I bought a used Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Long putter. I saw it at a shop in Memphis that deals in just used clubs and tried it out on the little practice green. It was amazing! I was making 6 footers like it was a 3 footer. I told my buddy If I made 20 in a row from 6feet, I would buy it. Well, I made 23 in a row and took it home. I was in love with it until I tried to make long distance lag puts....
Are there any online streams of the coverage?
I am not the longest hitter, by far but I did drive a 304 yard par 4 green last weekend. We were playing the blue tees and the tee was about 3 feet in front of the concrete stone marker for 304yards. The tee is level with the green and it was 97 degrees with a heat index around 108. It landed 10 yards shy and ended up 16 feet from the pin and for my 3rd eagle ever, I dropped the putt.  This eagle erased my double two holes prior and went on to shoot an even par 35 for...
Yes.   We played Kirkwood National which is a very long and very hilly course in North Mississippi. It is gorgeous and perfectly manicured. The greens are very fast and smooth and roll smooth as can be.   The first time we played we shot mid-high 90's and normally are high 70's to mid 80's  players. Each hole is so scenic and unique, we didn't care what our score was, we just wanted to see what the next hole looked like.   If you are ever in the Memphis Tn. area,...
New Posts  All Forums: